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Star makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan condemned Alain Vodonaevu for hatred full,

Recently Alena Vodonaeva in the column for a portal spoke sharply about the women whose figure is far from the model ideals. “With the fat man I’m going in the Elevator, flying in an airplane, I go to the same water when I am at sea — and it’s frustrating. That is true, for example, I even can’t swim if in the water or in the pool is very large. I’ll wait when it comes out. And let me fatgamer, but I believe that should be ashamed in this age of information, with our capabilities, knowledge and choice to be overweight,” said Alena. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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Provocative article Alena made a lot of noise in the Network. Criticism Vodonaevoy already made Anastasia, coach Julia cave and model plus-size Dilyara Larina. Now my point of view on this issue was expressed by the makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan. The girl told that she once worked with Allen and was extremely disappointed with her behavior. The girl said that Vodonaeva suffer stellar disease, and her harsh words about the complete people is just a PR stunt.

“One of the last, which concerns me directly is article Vodonaevoy and her opinion about fat people. I’m sure that many of you have read it … don’t want to be silent because “personally know her” (many years ago, doing her makeup and hair for a photo shoot), but even then “after Home2” it was 10 crowns on his head, and after her behavior and attitude to the entire team — I am 5 years isn’t painting famous people because I was afraid to see these paintings, and to paint it I had to run around and around from all sides, as she raised her legs on tall make-up table and kept his eyes away from the phone (“paint as best you can — I’m swayed”). Honestly, it’s been so long and I had to paint a lot of stars, but none showed such a relationship. And how was she a star?” — posted by Gohar in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

The makeup artist believes that obesity is a disease in which there is a perpetual struggle. “Always support thin thin, thick thick support, and I don’t support anyone. everyone has the right to choose. She was again sitting on a diet, because recovered strongly and want it to be beautiful. Know Vodonaeva that you’re reading this post. Never judge anyone, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Although I’m sure this is another PR move, the audience -that rusty, right?” — said the girl.



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