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Star enemies: these actors hate each other. Photo

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. ФотоAnd star makes a scene.

It requires professionalism to play a warm friendship, while not digesting your partner. Let’s look at the most striking examples of actors who hated each other in life, but seem to be the best of friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim cattrall

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

In February 2004 preparing for the production of the feature film “Sex and the city”, but the launch was postponed. An altercation Kim cattrall with the other three Actresses after she demanded an increase of the fee.

Disorder became public. At the ceremony Emmy Awards Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis pictures without Kim. Then, cattrall said: “are we best friends? No. We are professional Actresses, and each has its own life.”

After the release of the first film Sarah Jessica Parker has denied the words of Kim: “We are all friends, and I would like to see Kim more often. She wants to make more money, and nobody has the right for it to abuse”. After that, itself, cattrall said about the feud in the team is out of the question, but… the Third film “Sex in the city”, the script for which was ready, in the rental will not work. Kim refused to appear. About Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress says succinctly: “She could behave better.”

After the death of his brother Kim in February of this year, Sarah Jessica Parker expressed his condolences. But cattrall called her a hypocrite: “You’re not my cousin and not my friend. So the last time I need to stop exploiting my tragedy to save your face, “good girl””.

A few days later, Parker again stated that she and Kim never had hatred. However, just because Parker didn’t want to fight. “I never replied to the attacks of Kim when she was saying those terrible things about me. We had a wonderful experience of working together, we got along with the audience and everyone who was busy filming. No animosity, because I never answered. And I will not,” — quipped the actress.

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Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

During the filming of the popular series “Beverly hills, 90210” drama played out not only in scenarios but in real life. Doherty, who played Brenda Walsh and Jennie Garth in the role of Kelly Taylor never got along on the set.

In 2014, Jenny, reminiscing about working with Shannen, said: “there were times when we wanted to rip each other’s eyes.”

According to tori spelling, who played Donna Martin, her colleagues were so at odds with each other that one time even got into a fight.

Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

Doherty has always excelled explosive character. After leaving “Beverly hills, 90210” actress was invited to the TV series Charmed where Shannen also quarreled with companions. A serious conflict occurred to Alyssa Milano, who plays Phoebe. During the filming of the third season of the Milano set producer Aaron Spelinga faced with a choice: it’s either her or Doherty. The choice fell on Phoebe, and Shannen, in turn, she came up with her character cause of death and left the series.

Leighton Meester and Blake lively

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

According to the writer and producer of Gossip girl’s Joshua SAFRAN, Leighton (who plays Blair Waldorf) and Blake (Serena van der Woodsen) in real life has never been as close friends as their characters. In 2008, the magazine new York reported a tense relationship Actresses. Girls put a lot of effort to communicate, but these attempts were short-lived. In 2013, one of the sources said: “the Friendship, which Mr. lovely and tried to build has evaporated. And they continue to be to each other as far as possible”.

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Cybill shepherd and Bruce Willis

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

In five seasons of the hit TV series 80s “Detective Agency “Moonlight”” played on the fact that private detectives Maddie Hayes (played by shepherd) and David Addison (played by Willis) constantly bickered to hide the attraction to each other. However, as later admitted Sibylle, her relationship with Bruce was hostile.

In 1989, the series was closed, because the situation was out of control. The relationship between the actors become too tense.

Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

As said, the producer of “Desperate Housewives” mark Cherie, “Teri Hatcher — the most evil woman in the world”. These words have confirmed. Hatcher quarreled with almost all together. One of the reasons for the conflict was fee — each actress had their own amount. Teri protested, why her salary is less than Marcia Cross…

Later Hatcher was enraged when he was not in the center during a photo shoot on the cover with the other “Housewives”.The scandal actress left the Studio, but no one wanted her to return.

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx

Звездные враги: эти актеры терпеть друг друга не могут. Фото

In the remake of “Miami Vice: Department of manners,” Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx played a mates and best friends. But in real life things were quite the opposite.

According to rumors, Jamie Foxx “zazvezdilsya” after roles in the movie “ray”, for which he received an Oscar. Besides the fee of the Fox was more of the fee Farrell. All this affected the relations of the actors.

Once Jamie refused to leave America to film, and the Director had to change the final scene.

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