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Star Citizen has collected over $ 200 million

Star Citizen собрала уже более 200 миллионов долларовThis amount is the largest in the history of crowdfunding.

Judging by the growth rate of the budget Star Citizen hardly anyone had doubts that by the end of this year the total amount of user donations for an ambitious space simulator pass for a landmark $200 million On the days it happened, as evidenced by the information on the official website of the project.

Just in terms of money Star Citizen has supported 2.1 million people. On average each of them spent on the game $94. Some even sacrifice her tens of thousands of dollars. A significant portion of the $200 million consists of sales of virtual spaceships. Also, fans can pre-order the single-player campaign Squadron 42 for $56,25 and purchase a number of cosmetic items.

To get an idea why such a large number of people for more than 6 years of age do not regret their money for a not yet released game (estimated release date she, by the way, is still there), you can use the action Free Fly from the Studio Cloud Imperium Games, and to personally try out Star Citizen from 23 November to 1 December. At this period the fish will be free. This action is timed to the launch of the first inhabited planets, Herston (Hurston).

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