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Star break: Regina todorenko, Jennifer Lopez, Elena Volatile and others are sharing vacation photos

Irena Ponaroshku

The Russian star got tired of waiting, when finally the snow melts and the coming of a real spring, so I went for the warm rays of the sun and experiences in a hot country. So, Elena Temnikova and Yana Rudkovskaya flew to rest on the Maldives, and Regina Todorenko combined work and leisure in Dubai, where he went to shoot for the brand Calzedonia.

By the way, in one of his posts in Instagram, Regina told how she was able to quickly get in shape after the birth of her son.

I wanted to tell you how scared I was to agree to shooting in a swimsuit after giving birth, seeing in the mirror saggy stomach and flabby thighs. It turned out, proper nutrition, breastfeeding, yoga and stress work wonders,

— told Todorenko.

In the publication, the presenter gave a detailed list of products, which were fed for three months: in the first month after birth, the singer, by his own admission, does not limit itself in food. In the second month of her diet was baked or steamed vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, spinach, peppers), cereals and lean meat. In the third month Todorenko added to the above list of beetroot, rucola and fish, and sometimes even allow myself to enjoy a latte in oatmeal or coconut milk and croissants.

When this star completely eliminated from your diet cheese, every morning, did yoga, drank 3.5 litres of water and doing massages.

The secret to restore the figure after childbirth shared and Galina Yudashkin, who is now with his family spend a vacation in Miami.

I still clearly far from perfect, but go to your goal. My diet is almost everything but in small portions, I don’t overeat and eat before 18:00 (except holidays). Water — 1.5-2 liters per day. Sports 2-3 times a week. Always choose different exercises: day TRX, or barre, then stretching. Massages — anti-cellulite 1-2 times a week, whiskey-wrap and scrub. For home care hard brush before the shower, the movement is bottom-up,

— said Galina.

But Valeria, who is now resting in the Maldives, did not tell how she manages to keep fit. Instead, the star shared with fans in a good mood and turned to haters.

How nice to read good, witty, wise comments. But there are those who I annoy, though it is strange, they willingly signed for me. So I want to wish good mood, emotional balance, and just need to get rid of the source of negative emotions. In Instagram it is made by one touch of a button “unsubscribe”. Guys, let’s live together!

— called on the Internet users Valeria.

Star even went on vacation this week and shared vacation photos with her followers on Instagram, talk in our review. Look and dream of summer!

P. S: however, not all the celebrities on this week’s “walking” their new swimwear in a warmer climate. Elena Volatile, for example, shared with the subscribers personnel from snowy Switzerland, where it has been found an outdoor heated pool. But Laysan utiasheva similar location for a spectacular photo found at “Rosa Khutor”.


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