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STAN AGAINST the forces of EVIL is back with season 3! (TRAILER)

Later this month, on Halloween, we are waiting for the new season of the hilarious horror-sitcom Stan Against Evil. And the degree of trash this time, apparently, will increase in times!

Recall that back in July we showed strong teaser continue, and now, straight from New York Comic Con arrived and the trailer. However, the timing and information content it is suddenly inferior to the same teaser. Nevertheless, VIDOS fun, and to incite curiosity.

In the third season of heroes will have to face the consequences caused by Stan in travel time when he tried to return his dead wife Claire. However, he inadvertently opened a portal between the Land of the Living and Land of the Dead, allowing the army of evil to capture Willards mill and some of its inhabitants. Initially skeptical, Stan is forced to team up with Ivy to once again save the city — even if it means to make a deal with the devil.

Familiar actors John C. McGinley (“Scrubs”), Janet Verne (“Shameless”), Deborah Baker Jr. ‘s (“Life sentence”), Nate Mooney (“breaking bad”) and David Conner (“Krampus”) once again will light on the screen. And as beginners they will help Christopher Mintz-Plassche (“Kick”), Scott Adsit (“Studio 30”), Maria Bamford (“Explosive thing”), Matt Bronze (“All night long”) and Eddie Pepiton (“Handsome”).

The Creator of the show Dan Gould continues to steer the project.

“Stan against the forces of evil” will be back on 31 October on channel IFC.

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