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Stallone will return in “the Expendables”?

News from the category of “Rumors and theories”, however, some basis that is still available.

So, as you may remember, in April, sly left the franchise, “the Expendables”, and for fans it meant the end of the series, because Stallone was the initiator of this whole action, the author of the script and directed the first part, and also by the Central role in the trilogy. The idea is to gather together the heroes of the militants of the 80-90-ies could come to anyone, but who is able to pull off in reality? It Is, Sly. It is therefore not surprising that after his departure, the door immediately slammed and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, recently on the Internet ran a rumor that Stallone can return to the franchise he created. From this information? And it in General, there is only the teaser poster of the film “the Expendables 4” (Expendables 4), discovered by one of the fans at the Cannes film festival on the opening day. On the poster were listed the names Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas and, Yes, himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Photography poster immediately went to Twitter, but the actor still did not comment. So we can only guess that this is someone else’s mistake or a hint at a possible sequel?

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