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St. Petersburg is threatened by flooding, scientists

Санкт-Петербургу грозит затопление, - ученые Which regions are facing the danger of global warming.

Global warming and raising the Global sea level could spell disaster for some countries.

About it says Alexey Kokorin, head of WWF “Climate and energy”.

The greatest danger facing the Islands in the tropical zone. For example, the Maldives, most likely, doomed. Due to thermal heating of the ocean and the melting of glaciers the end of the century the average Global sea level will rise about a meter. In the tropics predict a rise half, and the White level of the sea rises by half a meter.

And if, say, in the town of Mezen of Arkhangelsk oblast, where large tides, the sea level rise will not significantly so, where tides no, it’s dangerous. In addition the thermal expansion of water with temperature of 30 degrees much more than the expansion of the water temperature five degrees. That’s why coral atolls are almost in a hopeless situation. Their residents will have to relocate.

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It will be difficult for those who live on low-lying areas, such as Bangladesh. The rise in water level combined with the surge phenomena will lead to the fact that these lands will become uninhabitable, though not gone completely under water.

In Russia in the area of risk falls primarily in Saint Petersburg. In the Resort area on the Northern shore of the Gulf of Finland is very flat … when the water level rise and frequent stormy weather would dramatically increase the rate of destruction of banks surf. We can assume that in the XXII century to build houses in the area of Sestroretsk near St. Petersburg will be impossible. But the rise in sea level of two feet will be painful for the whole city.

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