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St. George ribbon – the symbol of the refusal of entry to Ukraine

Георгиевская лента - символ отказа во въезде на Украину

The state border service of Ukraine has declared that will close the entry in the country who are trying to smuggle across the border a St. George ribbon.

Recall that in 2017 the country has a ban on the use of St. George ribbons. And if in Russia from the XVIII century St. George’s ribbon symbolizing the valor, honor and victory in the Ukraine this element has been regarded as the symbol of the separatists.

Precedents with the passage of the tape have already taken place in Ukraine in 2018. So the Russian citizen was denied entry because his suitcase was St. George ribbon. Now he has no right to enter the Square for three years.

For the distribution of this symbol of Ukraine fined and even arrested. According to the former President of Petro Poroshenko, “the symbol of aggression” have no place in Ukraine. On the eve of 9 may, the border service reminds: if you do not wish to be deprived of entry into the country for 3 years – don’t try to smuggle a St. George ribbon.

Legally St. George’s ribbon can be seen only in the Museum or in the documents of the Soviet period.

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