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Square sun Leipzig and Nuremberg in Russia

Квадратное солнце Лейпцига и Нюрнберга в России

So, we can say that the show goes on. And after Ivan by Holonovel and Ivan Safronov went Mykola Platoshkin. Approximately the same conditions and with the same degree of adequacy.

About the similarities and the possible development of the case Platoshkin in comparison with the cases of Ivan Golunova and Ivan Safronov we’ll talk later, but for now let’s think and let’s decide, for which he was arrested Platoshkin.

So, the head of the Department of international relations and diplomacy of the Moscow humanitarian University and the leader of the movement “For a new socialism” Nicholas Platoshkin was arrested on 4 June this year. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on charges of inciting mass riots (part 1.1 of article 212 of the criminal code) and distributing fake “about the circumstances that threaten the life and safety of citizens” (207.1 of the criminal code).

As usual today without any details.

And had absolutely no complaints surprised wife Platoshkin that “worked” in the apartment staff, in addition to office equipment, “seized” all the cash that can detect. Apparently, it’s a bonus modern.

And while the RF IC conducts “investigations” aimed at establishing the circumstances of the crimes, we look at what was cancelled as a result of these actions.

But first and foremost was thwarted planned protest on June 6. Throughout the country was planned pickets and permitted protests. As stated colleagues Platoshkin, all shares have been claimed in accordance with applicable law.

In General, to accuse a man like Platoshkin in the incitement to riot, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

To the ideas preached by theorist Platoshkin, can be viewed as anything but is there something that can be considered a threat to the country?

Sorry, but the idea of restoring the USSR on the basis of the conducted 30 years ago the referendum is, of course, a utopia. During these 30 years, we all dispersed so far that it is doubtful that it would be possible to gather all together. And whether it is necessary?

Nationalization of resources? Definitely, Yes. Resources should be profitable to all citizens, not a handful impose on them the paw of the oligarchs.

The abolition of pension reform? Well, then, perhaps, if they disagree with it, but only in the Kremlin, the state apparatus of the country and the Duma. The rest of the population against it.

Free higher education? Someone tell me, is opposed, as it was in Soviet times? Not pathetic handouts in the form of the number of budget places in universities, but on the contrary, paid training for “gifted”?

To return the “burnt” Bank deposits in 90 years? Hardly anyone robbed of in those days will be against.

So where is the threat to national security? Here is a threat to the security of the oligarchs and their servants is the place to be. Especially those oligarchs that we have.

Have Platoshkin and strumming. The prosecution of Putin and mishustina of criminal negligence is just one of those passes. Yes, our all-Russian “struggle” with the coronavirus, so to say, was a bit chaotic, but the main thing – it is illogical in economic terms. And sometimes even humiliating. But most importantly, it’s really worth it to accuse the government mishustina, is in the sheer crudity of action. Which caused such damage to the economy that will not soon be assessed correctly and clearly.

But back to what was said Platoshkin. Where can I see fake, hard to say. And then, for the fake yet fined, but not imprisoned. With the exception of fakes on the coronavirus, but then they did not even smell. The more that there is not even a fake and not “false information” and your own opinion, which Platoshkin stated as you have that right.

Квадратное солнце Лейпцига и Нюрнберга в России

For the plant that Platoshkin demanded the resignation of Putin and mishustina, — the same bust as to charge him with inciting riots for the resignation of the above gentlemen. Exactly the same bust as the requirement of resignation of Putin because of his inarticulate struggle with the coronavirus. There are more serious claims, to be honest.

Most likely, Platoshkin decided to neutralize in this way because he is urged to vote against the amendments to the Constitution. Together with his party “Alternative Russia” and movement “For a new socialism”.

That is, there is real political competition, which our current government… not much.

Therefore tries, on the one hand, to remove from the political scene objectionable policies, on the other – make it more-less decently. In compliance with the rules and protocols.

But the fact that Platoshkin under house arrest, not in jail, just shows that even the investigating authorities and the court is not very confident that will prove dubbed the “crime”. After all, any court at any time easily satisfy the request to toughen the measure of restraint.

And now it’s time to think about the two Ivanov and Safronova Golunova. In the case of the first process is in full swing, and already the light of day was showered with recognition. A former employee of the Department for control over drug trafficking UVD ZAO of Moscow Konovalov admitted his guilt and surrendered all the rest. A very logical step, considering the fact that among those who held with him on the case, former head of the Konovalov, the lyakhovets, who gave instructions to throw the drugs Golunova.

In the end, a rather bawdy fabricated case fell apart. There is only the understanding that the real customers of the business Golunova has remained in the shadows. And staff of the Department for control over drug trafficking, and the ears caught in the mud, no more than a pawn-performers.

There is reason to think that similar thing will happen with the case Safronov, who flatly refused to admit the charges against him, calling them absurd. Time will tell, but most likely, it will collapse about the same as collapsed case Golunova.

The problem of our bodies today is that there is, in the organs, the shortage of people able to fabricate a halfway decent case. It’s no secret absolutely, it is a reality today. Alas. This is a problem, the presence of which we can not be happy.

Hence the attempt to put Platoshkin’t look too serious. On the background of the far-Eastern protests against the General relations to a very peculiar outcome of voting on the vote of confidence in Putin, amid the case of arrests for violation of “do not understand” now, the detention of the participants of pickets.

The government simply does not understand how she should react.

On the one hand, of course, would like to see from all sides came the shouting of everyone’s approval, on the other – what do I do?

In the case of Khabarovsk – appointment of, to put it mildly, is not quite ready for this role, but it seems to be loyal in all respects Degtyarev, who for starters began the implementation of “plan No. 1”. That is flooding the region with money.

Old and proven on some of the regions method.

But if it doesn’t work… Then go into “plan # 2” when all the discontented will simply withdraw from the scene. Usually in handcuffs because he was a man, and the article or batch of drug he can always pick up and put.

And if people begin to Express their negative attitude, as in the case Golunova, the people and clubs. With ice water. They say it helps in terms of enlightenment and understanding that the meetings are only possible when there is a need to Express their “approval”.

In General, as a system. Only two plans, and both do not cause neither respect nor understanding of their effectiveness.

But back to Platoshino. And now I strongly recommend to listen to the soundtrack (movie in the courts we have now a rarity, you can’t suddenly an extra on the film will get) his performance in court. This is a very informative statement. It is a very smart man.

Smart man nice to hear. And useful. Comparison beautiful, beautiful momentum.

“First of all, I would like, may it please the court, to Express his deep gratitude to the consequence, because I was accused only of arson, use of explosives, intentional damage to state property, with use of toxic substances.

A huge thank you for not blame me, to use nuclear weapons, that I with a rasp and a file didn’t make it in the garage the neutron bomb. When present here the investigator Abdurakhmanov, has seized, my wife, is illegal, in her absence, last savings, I have conducted a search in the apartment, he in fact, another thought arose. He says: “something you have books in the German language a lot.” Well, that espionage in favor of Germany. I was in Germany. Know the German language. Worked fine there on my country, our monuments are there to protect.

By the way, confess, there is another book, in Spanish, in English, in Czech language. Imagine some scope for investigation is opened. After all, English is spoken countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Ghana. This is the same idea I can them all to work. Now, before you came, Abdurakhmanov threatened me that all who contact me, in the presence of witnesses, sit for a long time. It is the investigator? Further, here, again, candidly admit, besides all this, I tipped the leaning tower of Pisa. Just photographed, leaned, she leaned. But, as mitigating circumstances, I would like to say that tipped her in the direction of the Russian Federation.

That is the absurdity of these charges that I’m facing. Some burning, what weapon? It is the weapon I was looking for, in all seriousness. However, for some reason not found. But you see, I am such a person as would be experienced, hid where do not put. So, Mr. Abdurakhmanov, about Germany… Yes back, my accusation reminds me of the Leipzig 33, when the Nazis accused the Bulgarian Communist Dimitrov in the Reichstag fire. By the way, it’s not investigated. And at the Reichstag, I was repeatedly. I will say this, if it’s a shameful, beastly, once again, far-fetched criminal case, will not cease immediately, I will not be an apology, if it goes to court, you’ll end up also. I’ll be on the court to blame. Because you are pursuing a totally innocent man who dared to tell their point of view.

And about Germany, once you’re interested. Remember even the city of Nuremberg, just in case. Of course, when they will sit on the dock under article 299, and be responsible for the initiation of proceedings, the accusation of an innocent person the Commission of a serious crime, he will say that he comrade Colonel ordered that he, Nicholas love at all. And comrade Colonel will argue that he was the General ordered. Look at them, they are sure that you won’t examine the evidence that all this is a formality that he would sit as he told me just before you came, for a long time. I want to make it heard and seen. Here, the purpose of their investigation. Indeed, I was detained without a court order. Attention, the video, which they sew me, April 15, my video, I took the picture. I have it in the interrogation revealed.

I am proud of every word that I said. So, they studied it, supposedly a month and a half, and then immediately, I decided on 4 June, without the sanction of the court, to hold. What’s the urgency? Reached, or what? Then, why are they not seized, in fact. Well, if he’s so horrible, called there I don’t know where, although there is of course no calls, no brainer. When they arrested me, even here on 4 June, they also lied that they have expertise of this movie. As we understand it now is not. I mean, I was detained June 4, the roller on which the examination was not even. So they what any person can hold at all on any base or what?

So, of course, they are now unable to do anything, unfortunately, they are confident that you will make the decision that they want. Here they write that the sun is square. They are confident that the courts will confirm this. And will sit this Platoshkin . But do you mock the innocent people not years, not months, but weeks and you will be also prosecuted for bringing an innocent man to do that which he did not. And then, not that, to avoid criminal responsibility will not help.

And me, no matter how you tried, the people will support and history will absolve me. I support the defense motion for postponement, because it’s really insolent to the fact that the case materials refer to the document, which is non-existent. By the way I think he is absent, that is, not that they have forgotten to put, what it does not. What do you want, if they tell us now the decision about the examination, do you know what we presented? About the Leningrad Avenue instead of Lenin. Can you imagine what they are doing at all. Turns out, they are going to conduct a search on Leningradsky Prospekt 93, which probably has to do with me anything.

And that only on Leningrad? By the way, and more importantly, I support the motion and I want to emphasize that I live on the street Moldagulova. Moldagulova was a sniper, which of course underscores my predisposition to violent action”.

Yes, the charges that Platoshkin addressed to the investigators, are very serious. In principle, no one in Russia today is not to surprise the lawlessness that often show employees of the various departments. This is, to put it mildly, a symbol of the era.

If Putin himself acknowledged that in respect of Golunova was made solid of lawlessness, what can I say…

“As for the situation with Golunova — there is no injustice, there is brutality. It’s just tyranny.”

(Vladimir Putin.)

Arbitrariness becomes quite mundane. Lies of the investigation, manipulation of facts, all other attributes of “work”…

Exactly the same tyranny, obviously, is happening against Safronov and Platoshkin. We simply do not know how else in the organs. And how many cases, which we do not know? Or learn only after people die?

No, not in vain Platoshkin draws analogies with the Leipzig and Nuremberg. Indeed those who are now fabricating the case and falsify the facts or even allow themselves an outright lie, they will whine and moan at the fact that “they were following orders.”

Eichmann, let me remind, also said so. And he came out like…

But I want to live in the country. In proud and free. Where there is not only the right to vote from time to time to the state rulers lived better and better. And give them the opportunity. And to really live every year more and more beautiful.

But does not work for some reason.

But it turns out the understanding that we are all, in the words of Nikolai Nikolaevich, do you live under a square sun. Because we are trying to prove. And to prove that the popular uprisings in the far East to blame the evil spies from Georgia, so indignant channel. But not outright tyranny against the Governor Furgala. Elected by the people, who went to the protests after sent from Moscow to replace… Degtyareva.

Квадратное солнце Лейпцига и Нюрнберга в России

And I would like to live in a beautiful and strong country. Without proof. To live simply. Knowing that tomorrow will not be in your life threats from the writing error of the investigator, which threatens that will put you and all your friends and relatives. And resguardar, with impunity breaking hands. And the same police officer. And judges, who, without going into details, let podmahivat the decision that he will say.

But something recent practice suggests otherwise. Too much (and we don’t know about everyone, right?) something was recently just such obviously strange things. Against those who disagree and want to prove their disagreement.

Perhaps someone will say that all that is written – too much. I agree, everything is possible. That’s just historically proven that over Leipzig and Munich will be Berlin and Nuremberg. Each in their own time, but ought to be.

And to live under the square sun is not something that is uncomfortable for the psyche, is simply unrealistic. Although we are constantly trying to prove the opposite.

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