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Spring avitaminosis: how to help the body

Весенний авитаминоз: как помочь организмуEvery year in February, our body begins to painfully feel the lack of vitamins.

The condition, it can last until April, if it is not correct. How to find in myself gipovitaminose condition and deal with it, said the physician, nutritionist Catherine Martovitskaya.

The condition of vitamin deficiency is called hypovitaminosis. Usually, people suffer not from a lack of some vitamins (beriberi), and from their lack. It often occurs in late winter and early spring, when no fresh fruits and vegetables, and vitamins in products reduced. In addition to food intake, vitamin deficiency causes a lack of sunlight, because under the influence of sunlight the body produces vitamin D, and improves the absorption of b vitamins.

How to track the lack of vitamins?

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Vitamin deficiencies can manifest as weakness, dizziness, a state of chronic sleep deprivation. A decrease in visual perception, there can be muscular pain. In a state of vitamin C deficiency weakens the body’s resistance to respiratory infections. If you notice yourself in these symptoms, chances are you have vitamin deficiencies.

In late winter – early spring people who are prone to anemia associated with iron deficiency may notice the symptoms of this condition are: weakness, dizziness, malaise. To diagnose anemia, it is better to go to the doctor and get a blood test.

How to cope with hypovitaminosis condition?

First and foremost, you should increase the intake of vitamins from food. Now there is no shortage of vegetables, fruits and herbs, as it was a few decades ago. Always available citrus, persimmons, apples, fresh herbs. These products should daily include in your diet. They are rich in vitamin C, which prevents the occurrence of inflammation in the body. Choose fruits that have the most saturated color in them most of the vitamin.

Fruits collected in the summer, for example, apples lose vitamins by February-March. It is therefore desirable to include in the diet of dried fruits that have the vitamins at this time. Dried apricots, figs, raisins are full of vitamins and minerals in this combination, which is well absorbed by the body.

It is important not to forget about such a simple food, like cereal, which also contains a lot of vitamins. Buckwheat, lentils, bulgur, dark rice is rich in b vitamins and iron which helps prevent anemia.

It is useful to consider the combination of vitamin products. In fruits and vegetables in addition to water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins are present that are absorbed in a fat medium: A, D, E, K. in order to digest, the food you need to add fats, preferably vegetable oil. For example, in order from the carotene contained in carrots, vitamin a is synthesized and metabolized in the body, fresh carrots, you can add a tablespoon of olive oil.

To useful vitamins and minerals best absorbed, food must be balanced.

Whether synthetic vitamins?

It is important to understand that vitamin complexes, which can be purchased in pharmacies, are only a food Supplement but cannot fully replace all the nutrients received from food. If you care about what we eat, the need for synthetic vitamins is greatly reduced.

Synthetic vitamins are recommended by indications. For example, if you have long or often sick, your body requires quick recovery. It is advisable to consult a doctor, so he picked up the drugs individually. If you spend much time in the office, not only to be outdoors, sleep a little, then you will approach the preparations with a complex of b vitamins to support the nervous system. If your body needs quick recovery after prolonged illness, the doctor can prescribe a vitamin With a separate drug, and not as part of multivitamin complex, where its concentration is small.

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