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Spring allergies: what to do and how to deal

Весенняя аллергия: что делать и как боротьсяIf you suffer from spring allergies, try not to go out at the peak of the dust emission from 5 to 10 am.

With the arrival of spring allergies without antihistamines and platchkov can’t go out.

If you believe the statistics immunologists, discomfort in the spring suffers every fifth inhabitant of the planet. To avoid hay fever is incredibly difficult, but try to put some of his symptoms.

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The first and most obvious record on reception to the immunologist. You must be clear what kind of pollen is the enemy-irritant to determine the cause of the disease. In the top of the most aggressive allergens from birch and alder.

As in the period of pollinosis even the most active fans of open-airs often become shut-ins, your home must securely hold the line. Try not to open the Windows (one careless gust of wind, and nightmare provided), and if you use air conditioning, make sure it has anti-Allergy filters. Coming home, remove all your clothing and put it in a sealed package to the nearest Laundry is the most obvious bearer of allergens invisible.

If you can afford to choose the time for going outside (e.g., you have a flexible work schedule), try to “sit” at home the morning hours (before 11:00 the concentration of pollen in the air is greatest) and windy weather. For those who have the Allergy manifests itself in aggressive form, can not do without the so-called barriers — disposable masks and sunglasses to help protect eyes and respiratory organs.

To strengthen or pacify the symptoms and certain foods. For example, needs to be excluded from the diet of apples, pears and other fruits with small seeds, strawberries, nuts and honey — they increase the action of irritants. Among the soothing ingredients including turmeric, green tea, hemp oil and milk products — however, it is still the people’s money, and serious scientific data concerning their effect.

The most common symptom of an Allergy is irritation of the mucosa and nasal congestion. A useful trick is to smear the nose with vaseline — viscous trap for allergens. And to ease the congestion before bedtime — raise your pillow higher.

Another way to help — the use of essential oils with as disinfecting and soothing properties. In the lead — tea tree oil, a few drops of which should add to the humidifier. Relief can bring rose oil, lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense and thyme.

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