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Spooky “Harrow”, inspired by the Silent Hill series

Now in the gaming industry, particularly in horrornot industry is quite popular and nostalgic direction. In the new “DOOM”, for example, you can find funny Easter eggs with fans in the corridors of the original, and the creators of “Amid Evil” deliberately made their offspring similar to the old shooters of the late 90s.

And here’s another fresh “greetings from the past”. Toy called “Harrow” , though looks dated, but its release was held just a couple of days ago. Developers Dream of Mix used setting hits 1995-1997 years, released for the first PlayStation (including the iconic “Silent Hill”) to hold the player’s own dark and very scary world. And the first movie of the gameplay is really something catchy.

Buy the game and personally take in this sinister atmosphere is already enough to buy it on the website Dream Mix for $4.95 and two versions (Japanese and English) will be available for download. If you decide to, then dont forget to share your experiences!

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