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Splitting the NPP Lithuania and Latvia: so was the “Baltic unity”?

БелАЭС рассорила Литву и Латвию: так было ли «прибалтийское единство»?

From the moment the Baltic countries have United for one purpose, it has been 30 years. During this time the States of the region have become increasingly thinking about their own benefit, forgetting about the need to maintain cordial relations with its neighbours. The question of supply of energy from the NPP is split Riga and Vilnius, who do not expect to yield to each other.

August 23, 1989, exactly 30 years ago, the inhabitants of the Baltic countries arranged a kind of the first large-scale “flash mob”: holding hands, they created a human chain “Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn” long at 670 km.

Then this action was timed to the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The objective of the event was to draw global attention to the historical events that allegedly changed the status of the Baltic countries. 6 months after this action of the Soviet Union left Lithuania, and then her example was followed by others. Then it seemed to be something romantic – a little country joined in unison.

And now, 30 years later, the phrase “the Baltic unity” looks like a mockery of reality. We are not even talking about the confrontation in the issue of hydrocarbon supply and competition between different LNG projects. The Baltic States even electricity can not share.

How the “peaceful atom” Lithuania and Latvia have quarreled

We will remind, between Vilnius and Riga is not the first year does not subside dispute about the purchase of energy from nuclear power plants, which is based in Belarus (Belarusian NPP).

Latvia wants to organize an uninterrupted supply of electricity from third countries. The simplest solution to this challenge is cooperation with Minsk and sale of electricity from the NPP. However, Lithuania is clearly against it. Vilnius has made clear that he intends to opt out of electricity imports from Belarus, as he believes nuclear power in this country unsafe.

By the way, recall that the power trade of Russia and Belarus in the Baltic States is carried out through Lithuania.

In the end, Latvia calls its “neighbor” to the voice of reason. She reminded Lithuania that the electricity imports from Belarus is necessary, as in the Baltic region already encounter a shortage of electricity, especially when the Baltic States wanted to “cut” themselves from BRELL.

However, Vilnius remains adamant and continues to resist. Moreover, he is actively developing an information attack on the Belarusian NPP.

Why? To this question we replied the head of the project “Open Analytics”, the political analyst Roman Travin.

“Sometimes the Baltic States are perceived as one due to their pronounced anti-Russian position, but, of course, it is not. This individual States with their own interests, and the friction between them – a common occurrence, including on energy issues. You may recall the story of the construction in Lithuania of a terminal for liquefied natural gas, then Vilnius to Riga was not able to find a common language, and Estonians, by the way, too. Therefore, with the terminal all went wrong as I’d like Lithuania.

There is nothing surprising in the current differences, especially with “older brothers” in the EU, particularly Germany, without hysteria perceive the Belarusian nuclear power plant. It is clear that Lithuanians are “shot itself in the foot” by deciding to close its nuclear power plants immediately begin to buy electricity produced at a nuclear power plant the Belarusians, it is practically impossible from a political point of view. Latvians and Estonians have no such problems, so they look at the economic feasibility,” – said the expert.

Overall, according to Roman Travin, was “textbook” situation for the former Soviet Union. On the recommendation of the EU, the country shut down its own production. Yes, she received some money under liquidation, but now neighbors occupy the vacant niche, including in the European countries.

What regrets Vilnius?

Lithuania missed the chance. When joining the European Union, it renounced its Ignalina nuclear power plant (INPP), which, by the way, at the conclusion of the IAEA, entered into the list of the most reliable stations in the world.

“The promise of the closure of the INPP was the only way to start negotiations for accession to the EU. That’s the sort of tribute…” – admitted in an interview after some time, the former President of Lithuania Rolandas Paksas.

Now neighbors Vilnius offer to buy energy from a newly built NPP. It turns out, it will put the absolute cross on the ideas of Lithuania to re-establish its nuclear power plant. No, of course, she was not able to do it. To build a nuclear power plant in Visaginas with the help of the Japanese-American corporations still did not work – Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the EU money has not helped. But he still had at least a chance. And now, when in the region can “rush” the Belarusian electricity and building its nuclear power station, Lithuania you can forget.

No mutual aid, only national interests

Understand whether it is Latvia, which insists on the power imports from Belarus? How! If she sympathizes with Lithuania? But it is unlikely. This is evident in the actions of Riga. Latvia is not understood, it continues to put pressure on Lithuania. Vilnius did not remain in debt and trying to fend off the theme of ecology, to mention the fact that Belias already almost tomorrow supposedly there will be an accident.

As told three Lebanese source analyst Andrey Tikhonov, the whole situation was the result of anti-nuclear hysteria, fueled currently TV series “Chernobyl”, and earlier writings by Svetlana Alexievich.

“Lithuania has closed the Ignalina NPP and generally stands at the forefront of the antinuclear movement. Well, the proximity to the Belarusian nuclear power plant adds to the panic. At the same time, Riga is not as concerned with environmental issues.”

“Latvia and Lithuania were United, when together were part of the USSR. It is now independent of the bourgeois state, in which their interests and their “house edge”. Of course, Brussels imposes Riga and Vilnius their standards, but to completely eliminate the contradictions between them, as you can see, he is not able to”, – concluded the expert.

The unity was only in dreams

30 years ago the people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined hands to achieve a common goal. Alas, but the common interests of the Baltic countries ended. No romance in the style of “friendship forever”. In history so often. Several forces unite for a common goal, and then found that they can not divide among themselves influence or resources.

Even the USSR and the USA fought together on one side of the front. But when the common enemy was defeated, between Washington and Moscow immediately began arguing.

The Baltic States – is no exception. Three countries wanted to leave the USSR. They have achieved this. But immediately after that it appeared that everyone thinks primarily about themselves, and to “take up arms” is somehow not very desirable. No unity in the Baltic States, there is national interests that are Vilnius and Riga to sacrifice for the sake of warm relations not ready.

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