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Spirituality anti-corruption and Putin’s nephew

Антикоррупционная духовность и племянник Путина

Nephew of the Roman Putin has led party “People against corruption”. I, of course, opened the program of the party. Read. It turned out that to fight corruption the party, among other things, is going to “love of country” and “spirituality.”

Anticorruption spirituality I can imagine: anti-corruption prayer before the beginning of the working day, weekly confession MPs and Ministers, and for thieving, as it should be — anathema.

Anti-corruption is still possible to build temples shining with transparent domes — Yes, so many of them to build that the Windows of each of the Governor was visible. Got up out of bed, stretched, went to the window, looked around the Cote d’azur in nice, saw the temple shining and immediately thought about spirituality. And went home quickly to work for the good of the people.


But imagine how love of country can be pulled on anti-corruption, I still do not really understand. Maybe she wanted birch white tubs in each government Department to deliver; maybe twist around the clock the national anthem of Russia the officials of the house. Or wanted, as usual, to the Constitution to add a separate Chapter about the prohibition of stealing from the budget, but just not yet.

Not very clear with the program of the party, but the potential for cousin, nephew, Putin, obviously, is huge.

Ilya Shumanov, expert of Transparency International


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