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Spies in the European sanatoriums

Шпионы в европейском санатории

Many are surprised at the lack of professionalism and outright carelessness of Russian spies. On this subject construct various elaborate conspiracy theories. Indeed, it is hard to believe that all this seriously: passport nearly matching numbers, receipts for a taxi from the building of the GRU to the airport, cars agents registered at the address of their headquarters. It seems that everyone is from some Comedy about spies, morons, that this can not be in reality.

However, the situation is simple. Here’s the thing. Europeans have for many years believed that the Cold war is over, the KGB destroyed, and Putin — civilized policies with which to deal. All do not fit into this picture of the world they didn’t want to see, including the activities of Russian spies and saboteurs. Due to this, in Europe was created almost a greenhouse, health conditions for security officers. Putin’s agents felt here, as in the back yard of his building on Lubyanka square. As a result, security officers relaxed, lost vigilance and professional sense of danger began to perceive its European operations almost as a tourist tour in which it is necessary to perform a standard cushy job: to poison someone to hack the server etc.

Recently, however, the situation began to change. KGB just missed the moment when Europe woke up and started to resist. They were silly and ridiculous to fall for the most basic, sometimes comical errors.

Unfortunately, this is less applicable to Germany. Here are Putin’s agents are still practically threatens nothing. Not surprising, since a former Chancellor and long-term mercenary Kremlin Gerhard Schroeder prudently abolished in the German counterintelligence. When in Berlin he was treated poisoned Verzilov, his family and friends almost openly conducted KGB surveillance. I’m not talking about that hardened spy Yakunin quite legally received in Germany, the right to live and work (spying).

The UK to Wake up, we had the Litvinenko case, and then Skrobala. Is Germany going to wait until something like that happens on its territory?

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