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Spielberg – 70: the best movies of the great Director according to “the Movie”

The most famous Director in the world. The one who created the modern mass cinema – and he took him in controversy. The great magician movie. The great citizen of their country. Brave and uncompromising humanist. The Creator of the most impressive images of the last decades. That’s the only thing that took Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg – 70: the best movies of the great Director according to “the Movie”

They say that this film Steven Spielberg destroyed the rebellious wave of independent American cinema. Because believed, all the best picture “easy riders and raging bulls,” said new things about the new common world, and Hollywood has already “caved in” under the revolutionary movement, but came Spielberg and once again forced the whole world to believe in fairy tales. And then George Lucas released “Star wars”, and the process is completed. We have entered an era in which live still, infantile colorful tales, not wishing to know itself, to change and evolve. Fairy tales can be terrifying, like those seen about the shark-the cannibal and the brave men who challenged her. From now on, by the way, the genre of horror ceased to be marginal, and industrial machine, creaking, began to unfold in his direction. In the following years, the audience got a lot of big-budget horror movies, among which the chief were, of course, “Jurassic Park” all the same Spielberg. But about it below.

Trailer of the movie “Jaws”

Close encounters of the third kind
The next crucial step Spielberg has returned to Hollywood clip of a sci-Fi movie that also has long been considered outdated and too “complicated” to invest money in it. Not a Thriller about the invasion of evil aliens, and intense contact search – contact communication, understanding, friendship, love. The film, in which first the audience until the very end, it was unknown if General characters proof of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Today, anyone starting to watch the movie, already knows in advance that he will see not only the aliens, but the scenes with them will be more: Spielberg years later added to reissues of the film new episodes, with computer graphics, and improved already existing.

The trailer of the movie “Close encounters of the third kind”

Indiana Jones: raiders of the lost ark
Another powerful move of the young cynoglossidae – the return of the palm of adventure films, the kind of by the time remembered, mostly grandparents of the main part of moviegoers. Douglas Fairbanks and Rudolph Valentino found a worthy successor in the person of archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones, who always finds not so much the artifacts, how much danger along the way met any enticing beauty. Cynical, sarcastic, quirky, at times even cowardly, Indiana Jones conquered thoroughly checked by the inventory: a leather jacket, dusty hat, whip, revolver. Is a complete image, it can be placed in any environment and know exactly how it will behave. So at Madame Tussauds Indiana Jones is one of the figures, which tell from a distance, and even the signature is not necessary.

The trailer of the film “Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark”

In “Close encounters” Spielberg has outlined a vision that will be key in his work, but in this picture he has got the final clearance. This is a boy who doesn’t want to take the boring “adult” world because of its fantastic reality more important, more honest and more beautiful than what they can offer others. And it is this faith always wins, because otherwise can not be. So the boy Eliot met stray from their alien and did not extort from him the secrets of space velocities, telepathy and levitation. He just made friends with him really. While critics, particularly the “left” (that is, all Western intellectuals) wrote cautiously about the danger of such a position, the world was subjected to the storyteller Spielberg and brought him their money. Many years box office record this picture no one could beat. The “Jurassic Park”.

The trailer of the movie “Alien”

Empire Of The Sun
Despite the harshness of this film, Spielberg found the key to success worked perfectly. Historical background here brings little new to the viewer. The capture of Shanghai by the Japanese in 1941, the year removed and much has been written about the complicated fate of foreigners, whom the war found in China, too, know a lot. But Spielberg has forced us to look at all this through the eyes of a naive even for his age, the boy Jim, who lost his parents in the crowd during the evacuation of the city and went through the hell of war, keeping children’s perception and even enthusiasm. For prisoners of the British, the Japanese are just murderers in uniform, and Jim (played by young Christian bale), the hungry, the ragged, beaten, with admiration considering the aircraft model of which he was struck in time of peace.

Christian bale in “Empire of the sun”

Captain Hook
This film flopped at the box office, but it does not speak much about its quality, how much of that success is not always possible to predict accurately. Anyway, this movie was popular on video and today it is reviewing with pleasure adults and children. Can be considered a “Captain Hook” a kind of Manifesto of Spielberg: the main character, too grown-up Peter pan, understands that if he’s not back to the childhood, will not raise a child, and he and his friends will come to an end. But “ORBacus”, Peter pan takes incredible strength, and Robin Williams adds to this story a little tragicomedy, laughter through tears, which is so close to Spielberg.

Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams in the movie “Captain Hook”

Jurassic Park
Ingenious entrepreneur has created on a deserted island Park with real dinosaurs, which brought out miraculously preserved DNA. Dinosaurs, of course, quickly got out of control and began to tear the human trifle into small pieces. A real horror movie turns out. Of course, Spielberg again distanciruemsa from happening, making the main characters of the children and their childish parents of dreamers. Only such people are allowed to survive in this world arhidika. And only they will be able to outsmart the prehistoric predators and to leave the unfortunate island. Here you can see a hint of the gospel warning that only those who are like in their purity and simplicity of children, will be able to enter Paradise. Spielberg, though professed Judaism, still works in the mainstream Christian tradition.

Trailer of the movie “Jurassic Park”

Schindler’s List
But what if in the frame will not be a child or a hero and child at heart? The world will lose color and a black and white movie. The world would be incredibly cruel – and nothing more terrible in the works of Spielberg there. The world will ometyntsi and swallow you, how to bake a German concentration camp. After the dedicated work of many documentary filmmakers, for many years, reminding humanity that the Holocaust was not fiction, but a truly existing reality, Spielberg, for whom this topic is very important and has codified this way into a feature film. He did this so monumental, that to this day any talk about the Holocaust includes a reminder about the “Schindler’s List”, the story about righteous among the Nations who risking their lives saved a huge number of Jews from violent death.

The trailer of the film “Schindler’s List”

Saving private Ryan
And still need to go back to the image of the child. Before that, we mostly looked at the world through the eyes of a child in the world of Spielberg, and now the light turn: you have to feel older, who are required at any cost this child to save and preserve. This iconic war film Spielberg with almost incredible intrigue: a huge number of people in the Inferno of the Second world war, risking their lives to find and return the mother to her son. And then the child, if private Ryan has long become an adult? Just look at his smile when they find him. Innocent smile of a young Matt Damon, open, bright, child. It’s about the inner child we have seen about Spielberg. And it seems that the whole of Normandy and all the losses of the allies in that war was only to here this little boy to snatch from hell and return to the comfort and warmth of home.

Trailer of the movie “Saving private Ryan”

Artificial intelligence
A child can become not only adult. The entrance to this world even if you’re not human, but a heartless cyborg. The main thing – really want. Eerie, cold interpretation of “Pinocchio,” which wanted to put Stanley Kubrick in the hands of Spielberg purchased his characteristic unwavering belief in miracles and the soft fabulous intonation. In stiff artificial world, the cyborg becomes the only real person, to whom even time bowed down in a respectful nod. On the big success with audiences this sad story could not count, but it remained in the hearts of those millions that have dared to see this picture.

Movie trailer of “Artificial intelligence”

The adventures of Tintin: Secret of the unicorn 3D
The boy who always admired Spielberg and is responsible for his ideas about a small hero. Belgian Tintin the young Prodigy, who decided in that whatever was to become a great detective – the story could not just turn into a feature film. So Spielberg decided to do it in the unusual form of 3D animation. But it’s such a beautiful silbergasse story as the previous one, except that the rate of Spielberg allowed himself to take a little more than usual, since technology allows. “Tintin” is one of the most beautiful cartoons of its time, and although the extension of his constantly delayed, this hero took pride of place in the large gallery of characters of a great storyteller.

Movie trailer “the adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn 3D”

In recent years, Spielberg has gradually become gradually change the image of the boy on the image of a wise and principled hero in the age that is ready to do anything for the sake of truth. Can be roughly considered as the prototype of such a hero Oskar Schindler from the above-mentioned film. Abraham Lincoln in this picture, for example, is on principle, refusing to stop the bloody civil war, not yet resolved the question about the liberation of black slaves on the southern plantations. The challenge for the Director is that any viewer in the know: Lincoln wins, and the war is over. But Spielberg and Lincoln played Daniel day-Lewis (1957) is so deeply immerse us in the experience of a middle-aged President, what we seem to forget about the inevitable ending and re-live all the vicissitudes of a difficult historical stage in the history of the United States.

Trailer of the movie “Lincoln”

Spy bridge
Or here’s another hero – the American lawyer who decided to go against public opinion, but as if to betray their own country, to stand up for her enemy, an enemy spy whose activities could lead to nuclear war. But this film, perhaps the most fully demonstrates the worldview of Steven Spielberg. To be human is more important than any national interest, and any government, any people are required to bow before a passionate fighter for the truth. The idea is unpopular, risky in a period when the whole world was again divided into warring sectors and when all is again divided even the closest of people into “us” and “them”. Still, Spielberg insisted, as the hero of his paintings. If it is his will, then let this be it, any frame it here will not change, in contrast to his paintings about aliens. It’s goodbye to the infantile age, which is mired in it, as if in a swamp. Spielberg for more than seventy years finally switched to an adult movie. Just watch it, as before, should be with the children, marveling at the courage and the intricacies of the Hollywood amazing author.

Trailer of the movie “Spy bridge”

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