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SPELL. Our day – and the CRUCIFIXION is in the past

The film, formerly known as the Crucifixion (The Crucifixion), will be released in the Russian hire under the name “Spell. Our days.” Does not justify the tyranny of domestic localizers, we note that the logic in the renaming there.

The pinnacle of inadequacy in the game of “name the movie as God blesses” for me has always been the cases with pictures, originally called “The Awakening” (“Awakening”) and “Mindscape” (“Landscape of consciousness”), which in the Russian hire was, respectively, under the titles “Psychic” and “Psychic 2: the labyrinths of the mind”. First, in “Awakening” there were no psychics in General 🙂 second, these two movie do to each other are not connected, i.e., the distributor created a “franchise” where there was nothing like this. Moreover, even among the creators of the “Psychic” and its “sequel” there is no one who would work on the first and on the second film.

In the case of “Crucifixion”, now “Spell. These days” the situation is still different.

No brainer that the distributor is trying to take off on the wave of success kynoselen “Curse”, especially since recently rolling out “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror” – yet another successful spin-off of this series.

But this kind of introduction to “the Spell” in this particular case has some grounds.

First, “the Spell. These days” film is in the spirit of this kynoselen, it is also a mystical horror, as in all previous parts of the franchise. Second, the producer of the movie is Peter SAFRAN is one of the regular producers of “Spells”. Third, the script was written by the Hayes brothers – authors of the script of the original “Curse”. Finally, fourthly, one of the roles in the film performed “one-man special effect” Javier Botet, who played in “the Curse 2” and “the Curse of Annabelle: the Origin of evil.”

So some indirect connection between this picture and kynoselen “Curse” still exists…

Priest imprisoned for the murder of a nun, on which he was performing an exorcism. An inquisitive reporter tries to find out if she was murdered the mentally ill woman, or really lost the battle with a demonic entity.

The Russian premiere of the horror film “the Crucifixion”, oops, “the Spell. Our time”October 12, 2017.

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