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SPELL 3 – news!

You waited for news about trikvela “the conjuring”? You their wait. As usual, there is a good news, bad news.

Let’s start with the bad. Alas, James WAN is UNLIKELY to shoot the third part. It’s sad, as the van took off and the first film, and the sequel (and even “Saw” and “Insidious”, Yes), and I don’t know who better than he could cope with the work on “Spell 3”. Sadness.

The good news is that the van stays in business, but as a producer, so at least look after the production of Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary Master to be. Also, the producers remains with Peter SAFRAN. It’s also good that the movie script will write to David Johnson, as it should work on a sequel. In addition, on account of Johnson’s script of a good Thriller “Child of darkness” – like – he wrote the script for the new remake of “a Nightmare on elm street”.

The details of the plot of “Curse of 3” are kept secret, but we all understand that the basis of it lie some of the Affairs of the couple of paranormal investigators ed and Lorraine of Warren – unless, of course, will not be given a progress claim for $ 900 million, which makes Warner Bros. one little-known writer, accusing the company of violating his rights.

“The curse 3” may become the seventh films in kynoselen “Curse”, where in addition to the two previous installments of the franchise were also released spin-off of “the Curse of Annabelle,” the coming sequel to “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror,” spin-offs “Nun” and “Crooked man” (on the last monster we recently published an article).

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