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Spectacular footage of the first flight of the aircraft giant. Video

The largest aircraft in the world made its first flight

On Saturday, April 13, giant airplane with six engines and twin fuselages made its first test flight in California.

Stratolaunch was in the air for two and a half hours. During this time he rose over the Mojave desert to a height of 5,000 meters, performed several maneuvers and landed safely. The maximum flight speed of 304 kilometers per hour.

Wingspan Stratolaunch is about 117 meters (bigger than a football field), length – 53 meters, a height of about 15 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of about 590 tons, the empty weight of the aircraft – 226 tons. It makes Stratolaunch largest aircraft in the world. Machine drive the six motors that are used on Boeing 747 aircraft.

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The length of the Ukrainian An-225 “Mriya” – 84 meters, but the wingspan and payload much smaller.

The idea of creating Stratolaunch belongs to the American billionaire Paul Allen. Microsoft co-founder expressed it in 2011. According to his plan, this aircraft should simplify the delivery of cargo into space. The aircraft is designed to launch spacecraft. The booster is mounted between the two fuselages. Stratolaunch will rise to a height of 10 thousand meters. There should be a Department booster. And the plane back.

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“During my youth the American space program was a symbol of hope. For me it’s fascination with space has not disappeared. I always dreamed of what can be achieved”, – explained his idea of Gender.

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