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Special TRAILER slasher HELLFEST register now

Tomorrow – in theaters Russia, new youth slasher “Hellfest” (Hell Fest), which can be perceived as quite independent genre thing, and also as “warm-up” before the long-awaited premiere of the new “Halloween”.

We have previously shown that atmospheric trailer for “under 80”, now arrived, his love of the localized version.

Recall synopsis:

At Halloween night theme Park of horrors becomes a deadly place. The stranger in birthday suit starts killing unsuspecting visitors, who, of course, do not believe anything, thinking if this is all part of the show.

Castes made up Amy Forsyth (“Null channel”), Raine Edwards (“Snowfall”), Christian Balis (“Breathe”), Bex Taylor-Klaus (TV’s “the Scream”), Roby Attal (“Long way home”), Matthew Mercurio (“Mr. Robot”) and genre icon Tony Todd (“Candyman”).

Director: Gregory Plotkin (“Paranormal activity 5”).

The Russian premiere of “Hellfest” is scheduled for October 11.

Topic: HELLFEST – is Halloween? (REVIEW)

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