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Special services Spain managed to eliminate a nest of terrorists

Спецслужбам Испании удалось ликвидировать гнездо террористовThis was stated by the head of the interior Ministry of the country.

The government of Catalonia believe that it is premature to talk about the total destruction of the group In the investigation of terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils destroyed a terrorist cell responsible for these attacks.

This was stated on Saturday, August 19, Minister of internal Affairs of Spain Juan Ignacio Zoido. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The police assumes that the terrorist network consisted of 12 people, five of whom were killed after the attack in Marbella, four were detained. We are searching for another three alleged terrorists.

It is also reported that after the attacks in Catalonia, Madrid does not intend to raise the terrorist threat level to the maximum, although, according to the interior Minister of Spain, after the attacks on 17 August strengthened security measures across the country. About which measures there is a speech, Saido not reported. At the same time, according to the representative of the Catalan law enforcement albert Oliva, to put the point in this case is premature. “We will inform when we have the cell destroyed,” he said.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Catalonia Joaquim Forn also warned that two or three suspects are still wanted, which does not allow to speak about full liquidation of criminal groups. Catalan police are investigating jointly with the National police of Spain and the paramilitary Civil guard in the country.

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