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SPAWN will be numb and will not be the protagonist of the new film!

Stop. Like this? How is this even?.. Todd McFarlane recently got hit on the brain fans the news that Jason Blum will make a movie about Spawn rated R, but now just spreads us all over the wall, sharing the details of this project.

First of all, recall that the spawn is a comic character invented by MacFarlane. In the memorable film of 1997, it was treacherously slain commando, which, having signed a deal with the devil, coming from hell to Earth to become the General of hell’s army, but broke the contract unilaterally and was on the side of the forces of light. MacFarlane tried for years to give life another movie about Spawn, but always wanted to control the process of creating this movie – and to wait for him to leave this project, I had a very long time. But now Todd has something to say about the many rumors walking in the network and the media in those years. And, of course, about the new movie too.

Four years ago on the role of Spawn dreamt the winner of the award “Oscar” Jamie Foxx (“Django unchained”). According to rumors, Fox is still “in the game”:

Yes, I had a couple of approaches [by Fox]. They [these proposals] are still sitting on my Desk, and I just signed a contract with CAA, the biggest talent Agency in Hollywood, which a lot of talented actor among whom they will eventually begin to choose, if you count that the film will be different.

The big news is that the spawn WILL NOT be the main hero of this new film. He does not seem to be utter in this movie not a word.

In the script there are two big roles. It is clear that there is a spawn, although strangely he’s not the biggest role. And there’s a COP. a COP is a character Twitch, which has been in the comics since the very first release. Twitch plays a big role in this film, and I call it a sort of “my seriform Brody” by analogy with the Sheriff from the movie “Jaws”. You know, that film was called Jaws, but the Jaws not that much talking in it, right? They just come at the right time to make the film really good.

This comparison (spawn, like the shark in “Jaws”) McFarlane stopped more:

Maybe someone it may not seem so, but I think that Spawn and “Jaws” a lot in common.
There was Sheriff Brody were talking to each other people who pursued a fantastic creature, which in a sense made this movie, and for me this is an important element (…) If you’re the bad guy, then this thing comes and gets you.

From the videos that McFarlane did on the contract with Jason Blum we also realized that the project involved the Director and screenwriter Kevin Smith (“Tusk”, “Red state”). Smith and MacFarlane, apparently, have become friends in the course of joint work on the show “Sam and Twitch” (yeah, Twitch!), which is not yet put into production, but Todd clearly hopes so:

We are developing a “Sam and Twitch” for BBC America, Kevin Smith assigned to the project. I hope they sign him and he will write the script and reissiue all.

Here is something to think about (thank you again, z, you old crazy dreamer!). It turns out that the concept in the new movie will spawn a sort of silent and awe-inspiring force, ruthless and cruel. COP Twitch will with this power to communicate, whether speaking on its side, or battling with her. How about that, a La “Jaws”?

As for the TV series “Sam and Twitch”, is a project based on the comic book MacFarlane about a couple new York cops – actually, the first time they both appeared on the pages of comic books save the world, and only then, in 1999, became the heroes of their own comic book series.

It seems that MacFarlane and Smith has a “big plan”, creation of the franchise where characters of the comics Todd will interact with each other like in movies and TV series.

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