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Spanish medium spoke about the terrible disasters that are waiting to Land

Испанский медиум рассказала о страшных катаклизмах, ожидающих Землю Terrible events will occur on our planet this spring.

Azumy Caravaca has repeatedly made predictions about Spain, which was true. For example, this psychic predicted the incident in Catalonia, several storms and hurricanes.

18 Feb medium decided to make some seen events that already affect all of humanity. Netizens were frankly surprised.

Very soon California will cover new fire, the extent of destruction will be enormous — more than a thousand acres. It is worth noting that a tragedy happens because of a person, that is, the fire is artificial.

Also held a number of strongest tornadoes. In California, one hurt a dam, as a result, a plurality of die people. The second will occur in China, the element will destroy the city.

A mysterious light will erase from the face of the earth city in Japan. Dies the five most influential politicians. Mexico is incredibly much affected by the earthquake, the country would be in massive decline.

Seismic activity will trigger a huge wave in the Pacific ocean, they will move over China and Japan. Earthquakes also inflict a serious blow to Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Africans suffer from volcanic activity.

But all these events are nothing beside the strongest earthquake in the United States.

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