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Spain will begin mass resurrection of corpses

В Испании начнется массовое "воскрешение" труповSimilar events will be done for the sake of science.

In Spain launch a unique educational project in preparation for future doctors. With the help of modern technologies specialists will teach “revive” the dead.

Project in the Department of anatomy and histology, University of Miguel Hernandez in Alicante have received the name of the Cyborg and its purpose is to increase the level of training medical students. Admitted as Professor in the Department of educational institutions, the current system of training physicians lack real work with internal systems and organs to the students. Now used plastic simulators that mimic the human body. But these dummies are of little help in transferring all the nuances of the human body and life.

For this reason, in the framework of the Cyborg in Spain for the training of students involves donated in the name of science the bodies of the dead. The body will prepare for training they will implement the chips to simulate the movement of individual organs and their disorders.

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