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SpaceX will reduce twice the orbit for Internet satellites

SpaceX снизит в два раза орбиту для интернет-спутниковPart of the low earth orbit fleet to provide satellite Internet will work even lower in orbit 550 km

Over the last few years SpaceX is working on the Starlink project, which aims to launch thousands of low-orbit satellites that will provide high-speed Internet access to people around the world.

In February, the company sent into orbit two prototypes, which she used to test the technology before full deployment of its satellite fleet. But when the satellites had to move to a higher altitude, they did not.

And it seems that SpaceX is slightly revising its launch plan. According to The Verge, SpaceX, has approached the FCC with a request to launch 1,584 satellites at an altitude of 550 kilometers. Originally proposed orbit – 1110 km lower orbit may allow the company to reduce the number of satellites needed for the project. It will also help you to display satellites from orbit once they cease to function.

At such a low orbit such things as gravity and particles in the atmosphere that influence the satellites over time, can shift their orbit within five years, if not sooner.

Getting rid of space debris is important. Moreover, SpaceX plans to launch 12 000 satellites in orbit around the Earth the fleet Starlink. 1584 satellite, referred to above, are only part of the group of 4 425 satellites, FCC approved to start at the beginning of this year.

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