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SpaceX has set a new space record

SpaceX установила новый космический рекорд Today’s launch was SpaceX for 19 account in the current year.

Us company SpaceX on 3 December, launched the carrier rocket Falcon 9, which should put into orbit more than 60 microsatellites.

Today’s launch was for SpaceX’s 19 in a row in 2018, the company Elon musk has set an absolute record for the number of launches in a calendar year.

The Falcon 9 was launched from the base Military-air forces of the USA Vandenberg, located in California. On Board the ship are 64 microsatellite, to be located in low sun-synchronous orbit-to-order companies and authorities from 17 countries. Among them UK, Germany, South Korea, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

The launch was made in cooperation with private American Spaceflight company Industries. Originally, the launch of the Falcon 9 was scheduled for November 19, but was postponed several times due to the need for additional inspections of the launch vehicle.

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