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Space Robert Pattinson in the first teaser for “High society”

Festival the premiere took place on 9 September, but not far off and wide release. To Russia High society (High Life) also drive: waiting for the premiere next spring. After all, if you believe the critics, wait for a movie really worth: there is darkness, and blood, and sex, and shock scenes.

The synopsis reads:

The story is about a team of criminals selected from sentenced to death, which is signed for a secret experiment during the galactic mission. It will take place on Board the spacecraft as long as the spacecraft does not fall into the radiation storm. In the experiment, analyzes certain aspects of human reproduction, and the criminals face the task of searching for new sources of energy.

The plot revolves around father and daughter, and father just plays Robert Pattinson. The star of “Twilight” have proved that the role of a mysterious bednarikova bloodsucker is not the limit of his dreams. He pulls a much more complex role in a serious movie, and this is another chance to prove himself.

The film is the English-language debut of French Claire Denis (“every day trouble”). In the cast of the company Pattinson made the Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche (“the English patient”), MIA Goth (“Cure health”, “Suspiria”), Andre Benjamin (“Revolver”), Lars Eidinger (“Matilda”), Agata Buzek (“the Witcher”), Claire Tran (“Valerian and the city of a thousand worlds”) and others.

We have the first teaser, which, however, did not really shows. But at least something. Waiting for a full trailer. And while looking at the first poster.

The Russian premiere is scheduled for March 7, 2019.

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