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Space medicine astronauts will print artificial skin

Космическая медицина: астронавтам будут печатать искусственную кожуAstronauts will need more advanced technology for long travel.

The astronauts of the lunar mission “Apollo” made its 12-day flight with a modest first-aid kit, which was just bandages, antibiotics and aspirin. Future space travelers, who will conduct away from Land for months or even years, you will need more advanced medical support.

That’s why ESA is launching a large scale research project titled “3D printing living tissue for space exploration”. Work there are several European universities.

The project aims to study the prospects of using 3D-bioprinting in the quality of medical care during prolonged space flight and the stay on the Martian or lunar bases.

“In case of emergency medical problems a quick return home would be impossible. Patients have to be treated on the spot”, – stressed the head of the project, Sandra Podhajsky.

For example, in the case of serious burns it is theoretically possible to grow a new skin from the patient’s own cells, and then transplanted it.

Just like standard 3D printers to print three-dimensional objects using polymers or metals, the 3D bio-printers use “bio-ink” on the basis of human cells and nutrients and special frames needed for healthy structure of skin, bone or cartilage. In the next decade, scientists hope to learn how to print whole organs.

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