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“Space catcher”: captures powerful solar flare

"Космическое зрелище": запечатлены мощные вспышки на Солнце A solar flare that occurred last month, was captured with the help of special equipment.

NASA experts showed a video of solar flares that have occurred in the last couple of months. Data were obtained from several spacecraft, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory and Satellite-16, says Science Alert.

The American space Agency noted that these devices can reveal the unique structure and dynamics around solar flares and the structure of the surface of the Sun.

In particular, one of the devices recorded two of the coronal mass ejection, of which the first 9 and the second on September 10. This substance comes from the Sun very quickly – at a speed which reached 11.2 million miles per hour.

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“Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however – with sufficient intensity – they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals. On the other hand, flash can trigger a massive magnetic storms in the Earth’s magnetic field,” writes Lina Chan from space flight Center Goddard.

Solar flare – the explosive process of energy release in the solar atmosphere. Flash one way or another cover all layers of the solar atmosphere: photosphere, chromosphere and the solar corona. The duration of the impulsive phase of solar flares are usually no more than several minutes, and the amount of energy released at this time, may reach billion megatons of TNT.

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Earlier it was reported that in September of 2017 the Sun was the most powerful flash in 10 years. It is noted that such a powerful burst directed towards Earth, not only causes polar auroras that are seen, for example, residents of Ohio. A single flare can damage satellites, communications and power.

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