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Space body horror in short film the MAYFLOWER

Connoisseurs of horror in deep space have no right to lose sight of this short film!

It took Christopher Goodman, for many years prior to that, worked in the field of special effects (including the establishment of such films as “the Forest of ghosts”, “Morgan” and “Victor Frankenstein”). With the support of the British National Film and Television School , Goodman has created this short film based on an original concept by Neil Gorton, another special effects guru (“Saving private Ryan”, “Doctor Who”) and the script authored by Benjamin ferry. In fact, to remove the”Mayflower” was Gorton, but due to high employment does not have time to do it and gave the project to his friend. He used his opportunity to prove himself in directing one hundred percent.

The young engineer wakes from a cryogenic sleep during the flight into deep space on the spaceship “Mayflower”. The onboard computer reports that he was awakened by a false alarm. But all is not as it seems at first glance…

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