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SP pronounced a death sentence

ИП вынесен смертельный приговор

The microbusinesses are ruined because of coronaries every day. And permission to return to work this process will not stop.

Individual entrepreneurs before the current crisis with the closure of shops, salons and mikrofonov not had much profit, therefore, could not “gain fat”, and today was in a very deplorable situation. They are unable not only to pay for the employee prescribed in the President’s salary during the shutdown, but the rental of commercial space. While only a few municipalities are going to meet them and provide minimal support because at the Federal level, such decisions have been made. Will survive Yip in such conditions?

Lev Shlosberg, head of the Yabloko faction in the Pskov regional meeting of deputies:

ИП вынесен смертельный приговор

“The downtime has already put on the brink of ruin, the absolute majority of individual entrepreneurs and people who lead small businesses, which, as a rule, there are no financial reserves. These people are either essentially self-employed, i.e. not working with the employees, or the people you work with only a few employees. The annual turnover of these entrepreneurs is very small. Some of them use borrowed resources. But the main feature of this business is that it lives only when it “breathes”. That is, a business that cannot be stopped. He cannot preserve, and after some time to return, because failure to fulfill obligations to employees (where they exist), a failure (even if modest in numerical terms) to the budget and social funds leads to the closure of this business.

As a rule, people who are doing this business, get a small private income, private consumption, and the rest spend on the production itself. Them if it is material production — you need spare parts, but now it has stopped even the supply of parts. If it’s services, then they need customers, and customers now can’t visit these business points of public catering or services — because people ordered to stay home.

In General, the situation with small business in our country initially extremely difficult, since small businesses have difficult access to borrowed funds. Banking terms for them molopoly, and they have no adequate guarantee of access to markets. In General, small and medium business in our country is approximately 15-20% of market sector, where he could attend. Accordingly, the state does not consider it important in principle to take care of a small segment of the economy. The authorities are not interested in expanding the number of economically independent people — and this is fundamental policy, because these people are independent from the budget and self-supporting.

All small businesses that were forced to stop work, unable to pay the salaries of its salaried employees unless earned in a business of money. And they were commanded to keep their jobs and pay salaries. It’s just impossible conditions, and those entrepreneurs who are trying to comply with the law, now act on the basis of the Labour code and the Declaration of downtime pay two-thirds salary. But most of the business and no money for that, so people just leave.

Way to keep employees in this case is not in the hands of the business, and in the hands of the state. People whose business is stopped according to the decision of the authorities, should receive a salary or compensation of the salary from the Federal budget.”

Igor Nikolaev, Director of the Institute of strategic analysis FBK, doctor of economic Sciences:

ИП вынесен смертельный приговор

“Affected by the restrictive measures of the industry is known for — more than twenty, ranging from tourism, which first took the brunt of the coronavirus, while continuing with catering, entertainment industry, cinemas, etc. are the areas where there was close communication of people who are now banned. They will suffer the most.

Demand pay to the work of the enterprise, it is unrealistic, to put it mildly, the desire or requirement. Miracles do not happen: if the company is not working, no income, and will not pay. Necessary to close the company.

The support measures announced is not what we need. For example, announced that for small businesses the amount of insurance payments is reduced from 30% to 15%. The logic of the regime: as a result of reducing insurance premiums the company funds are released for payment of taxes. It seems to be logical. But if the company is not working, he has no income, the reduction of insurance payments is irrelevant. If, in principle, no income with which to pay salaries, not to mention the tax on this salary?

In the government announced measures to support, in my opinion, is not the main thing: the state should directly subsidize wages in the most affected industries. The state has these funds. On April 1, the national welfare Fund had accumulated nearly 13 trillion rubles. Enough money, but the state does not want to part with them. Perhaps it wants to sit on the money bag to be sure that, if it gets worse, it will find Finance. But I’m afraid that this economy is already a little that remains”.

Roman Korostelev, coordinator of the business community, “SP against legalized robbery”:

ИП вынесен смертельный приговор

“The destruction of individual entrepreneurs — it’s not even a forecast, but a coming reality. For myself personally I can tell. In my pocket are the money — 170 rubles. Personally, I might be able to get out, get out, survive through the help of relatives. But the lease payments has not been canceled, the contributions has not been canceled. Extortion is a lot.

The first bankrupt those who work in the service sector or sells clothing. Those same entrepreneurs who, for example, sells products, greatly decreased demand. Taxi drivers seems to continue to work, but they demand either. Even before the isolation of demand almost was not, and now people actually sit at home. That is, even those entrepreneurs that work, are on the brink.

There is a saying: a Holy place is never empty. If SP goes bankrupt, then their place will be, of course, colleagues on the shop business, not small business. Maybe some major network will begin the cucumbers with watermelons to grow. And whether in large networks, a hairdresser work? Think this is sounds crazy, but perhaps so.

If today it is possible to minimize, close IE and cut or bake cakes at home, it is best to do.”

Dmitry Travin, scientific Director of the Center for modernization studies at the European University in Saint-Petersburg, candidate of economic Sciences:

ИП вынесен смертельный приговор

“The problems are very serious. If the business can’t work, it is natural that some of it will be ruined because of the bans, and the other part will lose due to lack of demand, due to the fact that people can’t buy goods as before the crisis.

You can’t say, ruined or not all. But the longer “quarantine” action, the greater part of the business will be under threat. If the period of these measures will be small until may — it ruined some part of the business, and who will stay. Now tourism is practically dead, problems experienced by different transport companies — ranging from large airlines, and ending with the minibuses, which are reduced in a significant number suffer from cafes and restaurants, hotels.

Somewhere will be enlarged and the small business will come big. It’s not even from the crisis depends on: such a process occurs at any other time.”

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