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Soviet gadgets ahead of their time. Photo

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. ФотоInteresting instances of Soviet electronics.

Today there is a perception that there is no prophet in his own country, and all the modern electronic devices were invented somewhere in the West. But in fact the USSR had a lot of interesting developments gadgets. Some of them became the life of the Soviet people and enjoyed great popularity, while others, for various reasons, was only available to a certain circle of people or even remained at the level of projects, because it was ahead of its time.

1. Handheld electronic game “Well, pogodi!”

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Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

In 1984. for the Soviet water “electronics” began to release a handheld gaming console. Game “Well, pogodi!”, where the wolf catches the basket of eggs, had a rectangular LCD screen. The basis for their release were adopted by the Japanese toy company Nintendo, only there as the main characters were, as a rule, the characters of disney cartoons.

2. The Soviet player

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

Until the late 80-ies of the Soviet people the most used was Babin recorders (for example, beacon-202, etc.). But the production of domestic music players began in the USSR in the 70-ies. These devices could lose compact cassette tapes MC-90 and MC-60 (figures in the designation indicates the duration of the playback). It should be noted that the early 90-ies of such mass consumer players are not found, as had the rather high price (about 130 rubles).

3. Tablet PC

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

In 80-ies of the last century in the West and in the USSR began to appear prototypes of modern tablets. In 1988. the “electronics” released a limited batch of microcomputer “Elektronika MK-90”. These devices had touch screens, so the typing had to be on a normal mini-keyboard built next to the screen. The device has a RAM of 16 KB, and the constant 32 KB.

Users were not ready for such devices, and the popularity of pocket computers didn’t earned. In addition, the “Elektronika MK-90” cost a fortune: 3500 rubles, which amounted to the annual salary of a Soviet engineer.

4. Electronic watch

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

“Electronics 5” can be seen as “smart” watches of his time. The functionality is, of course, they can’t begin to compare with the current models, but at the time, was able to capture the imagination of users. Electronic watch had a stopwatch, showing the time, date, day of the week and could play several simple tunes.
The price is so amazing at the time was 150 rubles.

5. Mobile phone

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

The first Soviet mobile phone was made by the Soviet radio engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich in April 1957. Radiotelephone unit had a weight of about Zkg. He could easily operate in a radius of 20-30km from the base station. Dial the desired number was carried out through the disc mechanism.

6. Mobile communication system

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

In 1963. the capital has been running an experimental system of mobile communication “Altai”, which was later introduced in the 114 cities of the Soviet Union. Devices this system can make and receive calls analog connection. They were supplied with the cars of the party leadership and machinery of special equipment (for example, ambulance, fire, etc.).

7. Personal computer

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

In 40-ies of XX century, the USSR began work on electronic computing machines (computers). The first working machine was created in Kiev, a group of Soviet engineers under the direction of Lebedev. Quite a long time computers were used mainly in manufacturing, in specialized educational institutions and research institutes. Only in the early 80s some Soviet citizens began to appear on personal computers. However, most of these were not domestic cars, and Apple, or IBM.

8. Soviet laptop

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

Personal computers have been studied by many Soviet research institutes. “Electronics MS-1504” became the first domestic notebook, which went into serial production in the early 90-ies. About this machine, weighing 3.5 kg, we can say that it had a 16 bit CPU and 640кбайт of RAM. The screen resolution – 640х200.

9. Microwave

Советские гаджеты, опередившие свое время. Фото

Interesting fact: the first prototype of the modern microwave ovens appeared in the USSR in 1941. but the war prevented further development of this direction and the introduction of this device into production. Only in 1978, the Soviet microwave began to roll off the Assembly line, but a wide popularity among users, they are not found due to high prices (350 rubles).
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