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Southerner told how to pass customs clearance of cars on avtonomera

Южанина рассказала, как будет проходить растаможка автомобилей на еврономерахCar owners on avtonomera will be able to register your machines at 50% discount.

Car owners with Euronorm within the first 60 days of the date of entry into force of the law on reducing the cost of customs clearance will be able to register them with 50% discount, if the Verkhovna Rada on 8 November the second reading will vote for the rules proposed by the Committee on taxation and customs policy.

This was announced by the head of the Committee Nina Southerner, in commenting on the draft law.

She noted that during the first 180 days of the law to the owners of cars on avtonomera will not be penalized. In addition, it is proposed to authorize the Cabinet to develop within one month the procedure of customs clearance of vehicles, because currently the orders regulating the procedure of such actions, but he does not consider the above amendment.

“We added that this grace period with the factor of 0.5 can not be more than 60 days and not less than 30 days after the development order. Because all who are now on hand I have the documents from the first day the law came into force will be able to go in and clear of the vehicle with a factor of 0.5”, – she said.

Those car owners who have documents out of order can pass customs clearance, within 30 days after the entry into force of the new order, developed by the Cabinet.

“Citizens will be given the opportunity a certain period to apply a reduced two times the bet. Secondly, we aren’t changing the rule concerning the abolition of the environmental requirements when taking the car on accounting in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the Ministry of environment drew attention that this norm violates the commitments of Ukraine that were taken at the signing of specific agreements and conventions, understanding the complexity of the situation, we will retreat from this issue and leave out the provision that was in the first edition,” said the Southerner.

Also, the Committee revised the base rate for cars.

“If at first reading, it was €50 for petrol and €75 for the diesel engines, but now there is another gradation – based on volume of the engine. So €50 is a reference rate for petrol with a volume of 3 thousand cubic centimeters, from 3 million – €100 basic rate. Diesel at €75 – for engines with a displacement of up to 3.5 thousand cubic centimeters, from 3.5 million – base rate will be €150,” explained the Southerner.

We also propose another rule that the highest coefficient of age is 15. That is, if the car is even older than 15 years, the maximum will be applied a factor of 15.

“The ratio of age – number of full years from the production date until the date of registration of the vehicle. This means that the age issue and the age of registration will not pay full. That is, we assume that one year of its release,” she said.

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