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South Africa suspended the Russian runners from participating in marathon

В ЮАР отстранили российских бегунов от участия в сверхмарафоне

Track team runners-fans from Russia were forbidden to serve in the South African marathon. “Marathon Director does not like Russian, but he will not climb” – commented on the situation of the athletics Federation of Russia. It said that they believe the situation is hopeless.

“We had long negotiations, knew this was gonna happen, had to go to 60 people, and more. Part of the team did not go. The problem is to solve it difficult,” — commented,”URA.RU” Elena Orlova, head of the Department of sports programs of the athletics Federation of Russia.

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Today it became known that he had come to participate in the marathon of the Russian athletes denied registration.

“Here we are 60 people from across the country. Athletics South Africa has banned us to register and issue numbers. They have a direct prohibition on participation in Russian competitions, but our athletes participating in the marathon for twenty-five years. Addressed to the Consul, the international Federation of athletics, but the South African Federation ignores them,” — said Oleg Kharitonov, honored master of sports, honored coach of Russia.

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 South African marathon is supposed to start June 9 in Durban. The route passes along the roads of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. Distance: 86.7 km.

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