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Soup for Ukrainians becomes more expensive

Борщ для украинцев становится дорожеFor the three months rose main components of the soup.

The cost of the components of soup with a volume of 3.5-4 litra February amounted to more than 160 USD. It is reported of the economy today, citing the head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Oleksiy Doroshenko. In early 2016 to prepare pots of soup had to spend 74 hryvnia.

In particular, rebounded in the price of beef more than 11 hryvnia per kilogram, and pork – 5.3 UAH.

Significantly more expensive and vegetables: potatoes – by 30% (1.5 HR), carrots and beets, 18% (70 cents), cabbage – 15% (50 cents). And only onion rose in price by 2% (8 cents).

As for white bread, its value increased by 10% (1.1 rate), and black – 8% (90 cents).

In December the “index borscht” was the order of 134 UAH.

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