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SOUL sucked into the depths of darkness and hell (TRAILER)

In October, the world premiere of the Spanish horror film “Soul” (Ánimas), which we hasten to draw your attention. The trailer is quite hard to understand what the hell is going on, if you do not speak the language of Cervantes and Lorca. However, hell is in itself good.


Alex is a confident girl with a strong character and sense of individuality. She often helps and supports his friend Abraham, he, on the contrary, shy and introspective, overly soft, probably due to their complicated relationships with their parents. However, everything changes when Daniel’s father Abraham dies in a mysterious accident, the cause of which remains unclear. From this point on Alex is drawn into a hallucinatory journey that turns her into the very depths of hell, where the line between reality and nightmare becomes so blurred that Alex loses confidence in the very foundations of existence.

Laura Alvea and Jose F. Ortuno together wrote the script together and directed a movie. The Duo exists already for fifteen years: in 2013 they scored the black Comedy “the Unusual story of the multiplication table”. Guys love to play with bright colors, great attention to camera work, so their work is interesting, at least from a visual point of view. Well, “Soul” seems to throw the viewer into a crazy colorful kaleidoscope in the spirit of the classic “Suspiria”, with the dark forces and witches. At least the flickering in the frame of the old woman a witch is very similar.

The role of the old woman, by the way, takes ángela Molina, winner of the award of the Latin American critics, known for such films as “demons in the garden,” “Snow white” and “Live flesh.” In addition, the castes made it to the Clare Durant (“I love her”), Ivan Pellicer (“the Fugitive”), chacha Huang (“the Man of a thousand faces”) and Liz Lobato (“Sansa”).

In Spain the “Soul” will be released on October 5.

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