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“Soon they will crash” Putin predicted the collapse of the dollar and US policy

«Скоро они грохнутся»: Путин предрек крах доллара и политики США

USA “with your own hands destroy the dollar” by imposing sanctions and restricting dollar settlements, which even the allies are losing confidence in the us currency and get rid of her.

On Wednesday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the forum “Russian energy week”.

According to him, “major political mistake” of the American administration are “attempts to use the dollar as a political weapon”.

Sanctions that prohibit dollar payments that apply to Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, “undermine confidence in the dollar” and deprived of his former status, Putin stressed.

“Because the dollar is used very much trust all over the world. It is almost the only was the universal currency of the world”, – Putin said, adding that such a policy will end in failure.

“His hands began to cut the branch on which you sit. And soon they will fall”, – quotes the President “Interfax”.

The first signs of this process are already visible, Putin said. Thus, countries of the Eurasian economic Union is almost entirely on the calculations in rubles – their share reaches 72%.

“We never set ourselves the task to move away from the dollar as the payment instrument. But forced to think about how to protect themselves, forced to diversify the calculations between the two countries,” – explained Putin, adding that other countries reduce investments in dollars reserves.

“The dollar declining as reserve currency in many countries around the world, including in countries allied of the US”, – Putin said, expressing hope that “a rethinking of the situation must necessarily come to the ruling circles of the USA”.

According to the International monetary Fund from March 2018 to March of the current Central banks increased their investment in us on 211 billion, or 3.1% to 6,742 trillion dollars.

The dollar’s share in reserves actually declined – from 62,79% to par to the 61.86%. However has occurred almost exclusively at the expense of Russia, which withdrew from the American currency $ 90 billion (according to CB) and reduced its share in international reserves from 43.7% to 23.6%.

If the Bank of Russia left the investment untouched, the total dollar reserves of Central banks of the world amounted to 6,832 trillion, and the share of the American currency practically have not changed would – 62,7%.

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