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Soon drones will deliver goods

В скором времени дроны начнут осуществлять доставку грузовSpecial drones will be engaged in the moving of various cargoes.

The company’s Drone Delivery Canada got permission of the controller of shipping commercial cargo drones in Northern Canada. During the month, the quadcopter will start to fly over the indigenous communities of America, the Moose Cree First Nation, which is located in 708 kilometres North of Toronto. “There are virtually no roads, so travel there is very expensive and difficult, — said the Director of DDC, Tony Di Benedetto. — Two villages separated by a river, and to cross from one shore to another, you need to take a “water taxi” — in fact, the usual raft”.

Deliver mail and basic necessities very difficult, so suppliers are forced to raise prices. A bottle of detergent, the locals have to buy for $30-40, and milk and perishable foods are twice as expensive than in the city. Local winter travel on the frozen rivers, but because of global warming it is every year becoming more dangerous. You can even travel by helicopter, but that costs $1800 per hour.

To solve the problem with logistics, using drones want to create “aerial railway”. Drones will monitor and charge both ends of the route. Over time, you can go for fully Autonomous flight, which will be monitored by the dispatchers located at a great distance. But in the meantime DDC has received permission from the regulator on a test flight outside line of sight of the drone operators.

The company plans to test small drones with a range of 80 km and a payload of 4.5 kg, before the commissioning of larger models. The biggest drone DDC can carry 1500 kg and fly for 15 hours. The system is able to control the drones, which are at altitudes up to 12 km, although commercial delivery drones will be kept at a height of from 150 to 450 meters.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland by the end of this year will earn a network of medical drones couriers. Switzerland will become the first country in which medical drones will fly over densely populated cities near international airports.

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