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Sony will pay compensation to the owners of leaking smartphones

Sony выплатит компенсацию владельцам протекающих смартфоновSony will compensate damage to the owners of Xperia smartphones who complain of imaginary protection from water.

According to the decision of pre-trial settlement, Sony agrees to compensate up to 50% of the cost of the phones to their owners.

Under the action of the solutions come 24 models of smartphones, from the Xperia Z1, released in 2013 and ending with the Z5.

The essence of a class action against the company is that smartphones are, in theory, capable of no consequences to worry about contact with the water, in fact after these incidents required costly repairs.

Data on how many owners can require the company to compensation are not disclosed. Experts find it difficult to say what percentage of issued company smartphones fall under the effect of the decision on pre-trial settlement. The solution also does not allow to make an unambiguous conclusion about whether the problem in a constructive flaw in the creation of smartphones, we are talking about manufacturing defects.

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A full list of models that fall under the decision on compensation can be found here .

According to the court, the owners of these Sony Xperia models purchased in the U.S. may claim from the company compensation in the amount of half the value of their gadgets.

The owners, who bought the Xperia for less than a year ago and with a valid warranty, you will get one year extra warranty on your device.

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In 2013, a distinctive feature of flagship smartphones Sony has been water resistant. Long time protection against water left trump Sony. The competitors took the time to protect their flagships that way.

Samsung released the Galaxy S5 with the protection of water in 2014. However, the next flagship – the Galaxy S6 in 2015 was deprived of this function. She appeared again in 2016 in the model Galaxy S7. In the fall of 2016 Apple introduced the iPhone 7, also having protection from water.

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