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Sony told why permanently removed from sale for the PlayStation 4

В Sony рассказали, почему навсегда снимают с продажи PlayStation 4Any electronics because of several reasons, quite quickly losing its relevance.

Game console PS4 and Xbox One, which entered the market in 2013, after its release on the market seemed to be incredibly powerful and productive, but today they couldn’t do anything by today’s standards.

That’s why Sony released a PlayStation 4 Pro, and Microsoft’s new Xbox One X. However, soon the Japanese company will withdraw the prefix from sale.

As we learned from the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Coder, who recently took office, the company intends in the near future to permanently remove PlayStation 4 sales in shops and any other places. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

We are talking about all versions and configurations of this game console. Its production will be discontinued at the end of 2020, while the shelves it will disappear a little later, namely in March 2021. By this point in the market already must be sold brand new at that time PlayStation 5, and, according to fresh data from insiders, will be able without any problems to run digital copies of games from the PS4.

Most likely, Sony has adopted the date of termination of sales of their current game consoles due to the fact that many game studios have been criticized even PlayStation 4 Pro, saying that its potential is fully exhausted. Indeed, developers can not implement a multiplayer in which one card can instantly play up to 256 people.

The current PlayStation 4, which is a couple of years ago it seemed incredibly powerful, very much as powerful as even a budget gaming computers.

The culprit was the new generation of graphics cards released over the past two years.

It was much more powerful than any of his predecessors, which led to a huge leap forward.

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