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Sony launched the film about vampire Morbius from Marvel comics

Vampires still appear in the film with die Marvel in the Intro, though not quite as expected. And it seems to be for the best.

In the summer of this year Director of the new “spider-Man” by John watts was asked whom he would like to see as the enemy of Spidey in future films, and among the other candidates mentioned the name vampire Morbius. Not a bad option, especially when you consider that rustavshi lip watts still coming from the blade would not mind. When we were trying to figure out how these two lovers of blood will coexist on the screen with a kid-a teenager with spider tendencies, it seemed that such a Union – not the most sensible option. It would be better to allocate Morbius Blade separate project. Preferably dark, any tone of the game. And partly it’s a desire come true.

Company Sony expands its own marvel-branch, not connected (yet?) with the main cinematic universe. Spider by Tom Holland there waiting, it seems, not worth it, but his comic friends-enemies – how. Venom already removed, in work and picture of Silver Sable and Black Cat. And now to the audience was closer to Dr. Michael Morbius known as the Living vampire.

This character debuted in the comic “Amazing spider-Man No. 101” (1971). It was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane. Morbius (Morbius) – a man turned into a vampire when I was trying to find a cure for their own rare blood disease. He appeared in the cartoons of spider-Man, where he acted as villain, and as a positive hero. According to the original plan is Morbius was supposed to be the main antagonist of the film “blade 2”.

Information about the project is small, but it is already known that the script was written by Matt of Sazama and Burke Sharpless, who worked on the recent power Rangers. Was there a place for the Blade, not reported. Although much care who it first can be represented in one picture with Morbius.

I want to believe that the film will follow in the footsteps of venom and will be a dark comic with a rating of R. Give vampire horror!

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