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Sony has arranged the sale of games for Halloween

Sony устроила распродажу игр к ХэллоуинуWhat games are available now.

Sony knows how to lure gamers to their network: not every user will be able to refrain from impulse buying during sales. Once again kicks off in the PlayStation Store.

Sony decided to make a Halloween for the lazy, when the force for costumes and fun there, but to feel the special atmosphere all you want. Then and come games from the series: dark and frightening.

The worst day of the year – a good reason in order to overcome their phobias, and to resist their own fears. Those who are afraid to shiver deep space, you can spoil your nerves in Alien: Isolation or Prey.

Do not give rest thoughts about nuclear war and the horrors of post-Apocalypse? Metro Redux Fallout 4 and push you face-to-face with the terrible consequences of the use of deadly weapons.

Afraid of vampires, zombies and other vermin? Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles, Bloodborne and Dying Light will help forever to learn that any monster can be killed, if you have a powerful gun.

Fear of going to hell? Scandalous Agony and all the inhabitants of hell are waiting for you with open arms.

Not without its classics. Cult horror Outlast shooter and brutal DOOM simply could not get on the list. II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Dark Souls III may not so terrible, but fully comply with the vast entourage of Halloween.

Note, this sale will last until November 2, the entire list of games participating in the promotion, you can find the official PlayStation blog.

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