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Son Michael Douglas wowed the audience with his body

Сын Майкла Дугласа поразил публику своим теломSports uniforms famous son is at the highest level.

Barely a year has passed since then, as the son of Michael Douglas, Cameron, was released from prison. The son of Hollywood actor was serving 7-year sentence for sale and possession of drugs, including methamphetamine and heroin. Now his life is changing. First, he took up the sport and has already demonstrated udevitelno the results of training in the gym.

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38-year-old Cameron joined the ranks of inflated men. He also decorated his body with numerous tattoos, including one dedicated to his father. “Dad” – this word now adorns the body of the controversial Cameron. Recently it was noticed while Jogging in the Park, the Hudson river, in Manhattan.

For comparison, here so looked Cameron in 2002. In the picture also there is his star father, Michael Douglas, who is now 72 years old, and no less famous 100-year-old grandfather, actor kirk Douglas.

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