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Something you can’t control the new trailer for “Geostorm”

If you forgot, in theaters coming next Apocalypse. To prevent it there are such decent people like Gerard Butler ( “300”), Jim Sturgess (“Twenty-one”), Andy Garcia (“ocean’s 11 friends”), Abbie Cornish (“limitless”) and EDD Harris (“the Rock”). Yes, talking about disaster movie Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm” (Geostorm), which though had the problem with real natural disasters, should still leave on schedule.


After an unprecedented series of natural disasters that struck our planet, world leaders have joined forces to create an extensive network of orbiting satellites to control the climate to prevent natural disasters. But something went wrong — the system built to protect the Land, now threatened her. Race against time, where time is needed to detect a real threat before the world Geostorm will erase from the face of the Earth all living things… all living at the same time.

Studio Warner Bros. posted a new trailer, subtitled “Control”. To think, here will remember the most control, which is not amenable to some things. For example, a natural phenomenon, as if someone wanted to reverse.

The video turned out epic, most of the announcement of the next film about the destruction of the planet. There are no inappropriate cheerful music and a large variety of jokes, as in one of the previous movies, so the movie looks quite serious. The end of the world outside, there can be no smiles. But bread and circuses will be delivered for sure.

The world premiere of “Geostorm” is scheduled for October 19, 2017.

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