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Something to do this weekend to live longer

Чем заняться на выходных, чтобы жить дольшеWeekends, you need to devote yourself and care for yourself, because on weekdays for this purpose remains very little time.

Cosmetologists say that if every weekend to train yourself to do a certain ritual, you can slow the aging process.


Healthy sleep is one of the main conditions for preserving youth. But that does not mean you have to get out of bed before lunch. Ensure yourself a healthy and restful sleep, the optimal duration of 7-8 hours.

A series of masks

The second and no less important point in the issue of care at the weekend is a mask for the face and body. Make a series of masks that will cleanse and moisturize the skin.


Not necessary to go to expensive salons for pleasure. Arrange a 20-minute bath with salt or herbs useful. It will be useful, like a beautiful figure and a fast metabolism and preserve youthful skin.

Lime tea

Lime tea slows down the aging process, a beneficial effect on the skin and improves the complexion. Of course, it is best to drink Linden tea every day, but if in everyday life you prefer coffee, then at the weekend – drink Linden tea with honey.

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