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Something terrible is in “the lake House” (TRAILER)

Actor, writer, Director and producer Adam Girash in the horror genre from 2000 years and have managed during this time to lend a hand in making such films as “Nightmare house on the hills”, “Morgue”, “the Mother of tears”, “Fertile soil” and a remake of the horror-Comedy “night of the demons”. Over a mystical horror film “the lake House” (House by the Lake) began work in 2014, but only by the end of 2016 ended. The film premiered in March at the North Hollywood Cinefest festival, where the movie got three nominations (best Director, best actress and best film). A trailer appeared online just last night.

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The script of the film, at first glance, banal trivial:

Morgana’ve been married and are experiencing a crisis in the relationship. During the holidays they want to try to restore the old feelings, but when their 10-year-old daughter starts talking to a mysterious friend who may be real or not really there, Morgana has to face new challenges.

But the trailer, with all the budget postanovki, very good:

The film starred some pretty skilled actors. Anne Dudek you can see in the pictures “Good neighbor” (2016) and “Men of the Shadows” (2013), Michael Bowen starred in the remake of “Last house on the left” (2009) and even a bunch of more or less famous movies and TV series, and the asset of Whether Garlington three sequels to “Psycho.”

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With that said and shown, “the lake House” it is possible to take note. And don’t you think?

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