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Something is fishy here: Meryl Streep and Karl Lagerfeld had a fight before “Oscar”


The names Meryl Streep and Karl Lagerfeld is suddenly in the center of the scandal! Before the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” are literally a matter of hours and actress, of course, have already chosen the attire for the event.

Meryl opted for a silk dress gray Chanel haute couture, which has even been specially modified for her. However, after approval of order Manager Meryl allegedly called the fashion house and refused to dress, saying that the team actress managed to find a designer who will pay for access to the dress of his authorship. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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In General, the stars often do this: go out in the clothes of certain brands for a reward. But Chanel does not support such practices: the reward for the output should be the mere dress of the brand, because the outfits are created entirely by hand and it takes a lot of time.

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The situation managed to comment on Karl Lagerfeld: he said that after a gift in the form of dresses, worth 100 thousand euros and speech can not go on any Board. “Brilliant actress, and so very shallow!” perplexed Maestro.

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Meryl herself has not expressed his vision of the events. Fans of the actress suggest that she might not know about what is behind her managers in the greed.

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