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Someone translated a billion dollars in bitcoins

Кто-то перевел миллиард долларов в биткоинах

The world of cryptocurrencies lives with his little secret, although some of the audience continues to monitor the fluctuations of virtual money. This time attention was drawn to another of his rise or fall, and the amount of the transfer — 504 94 BTC that in “normal” money is about a billion dollars.


The transaction, however, we had to fork out, laying out $700. However, in the case of official currencies, the Commission would have been disproportionately higher, given the amount transferred. In addition, when the transfer amount is not required to obtain any consent on the part of banks, regulators or government. It is also believed that to follow the translation impossible.

94 504 — this is about 0.5% of all bitcoins, which is free to access, Decrypt notes. The recipient is now the owner of one of the five “richest” Bitcoin wallets. More than half of the transferred bitcoins received from the same address.

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