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Some plants are able to protect against flu

Некоторые комнатные растения способны защитить от гриппаBiologists from the United States suggest for the prevention of viral diseases is to use familiar to all plants.

American scientists claim that some plants are able to protect against the flu. Long known the effect of phytoncides on pathogenic microorganisms, however, such properties of plants you can get from flowers, and other “residents” of the sill.

The research group has studied the effects of flowers and plants that exist in many homes, the emergence and development of influenza strains.

The findings of the staff of the University of Illinois at Chicago, indicated high levels in plants of a number of substances beneficial to promote health and prevent the penetration of viruses in the body.

The study proved that part of such plants in the process of transpiration, where the leaves release moisture when exposed to sunlight in contact with them to sunlight. Thus, the humidity can be increased without involving technical devices such as consumer electronic humidifiers. Allocation percentage of moisture when it reaches almost 40%. It serves as a good protection against infections, because it blocks the spread of illness-causing particles in the air.

Transpiration is observed in varying degrees in all plants, however, can be found among the pots and vases and real Champions. So, experts suggest to grow in the fern house, especially the appearance, usually called the “bird’s nest”. In order to ensure the health of the family, experts suggest keeping at home a few houseplants, be sure to put them in rooms where there is leisure and night stay.

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