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Some effective ways to cope with the flood of fatigue

Несколько эффективных способов справиться с нахлынувшей усталостью Nine important rules.

Sensing problems and troubles too close to heart, it is easy to hurt the body So it is important to harden himself physically and mentally to face any of life’s storms.

Responsible exam, the transition to a new job or Abraham on the same service, problems with superiors or colleagues, quarrels with friends, money problems, family strife, problems with children and relatives – there might be situations when you have to worry more than usual.

In such a situation, to a nervous breakdown waiting to happen! How to calm the nervous system and achieve emotional harmony?

“Calmness, only calmness! Enhanced physical and mental activity, especially in a stressful situation often causes a persistent focus of excitation in the Central nervous system. And if the person, in addition, the nature awarded with anxious-hypochondriac traits, the neurologist did not go – he there is increased nervous irritability. Completely eliminate from our lives the stresses and strains of impossible. But it is possible to temper your body so that it could withstand any disasters. To bring the nervous system in a stable condition, follow some simple rules.”

1st rule. Get enough sleep. The main symptom of the fact that the nervous system is agitated, is insomnia. Accordingly, in order to prevent the loosening of the nerves, you need to follow sleep: go to bed and get up at approximately the same time and in the beds spend not less than 7-8 hours. However, these figures are rather conditional, as someone in the morning to feel refreshed and pretty and 6 hours of sleep, while another requires at least 9 hours in bed. To make it easier and stronger to go to sleep, you should not lie down soon after a hearty dinner, and immediately after execution of active work (whether physical or mental). Well beforehand to give your brain time to prepare for bed, relax a bit. A warm bath with aromatic oils or herbal decoctions, easy entertaining reading in bed at night. But computer games it is better to defer to an earlier time. For a soothing bath suit of flowers of hawthorn, Valerian, calendula, peppermint, marjoram, motherwort, nettle leaves, etc.

2nd rule. Avoid noise. Many of us are used to on TV so that almost do not notice it. But the information sometimes aggressive properties emanating from the screens, placing additional demands on the nervous system. Turn on the “box” for viewing only really of interest to you programs, and the rest of the time let the house music sounds. Better classic. Also suitable for recording nature sounds. By the way, this audiofilename more useful than silence. It found Australian scientists who conducted a study with hundreds of student volunteers on the eve of the exam. Experience has shown that the guys who worked in silence, had a more increased pulse and respiration and higher pressure than those who listened to classical music. So Mozart!

The 3rd rule. Spend more time outdoors. Our brain, though it weighs no more than 2% of body weight, absorbs 18% received by the body of oxygen. This means that long walks in the Park or in the woods is vital for all who have much fruitful to strain your brain. And also those who are going through a difficult psychological situation at home or at work. Too lazy to walk alone, get yourself a four-legged friend.

The 4th rule. Use of medicinal plants. To make nerves stronger ropes and eliminate insomnia with increased nervous excitability will help decoction of calendula – 1 tbsp. tablespoon of flowers per Cup of boiling water, to insist within an hour. Drink half a glass of the infusion warm before bed. No less effective motherwort 15 g of grass, pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes to Drink 1 tablespoon 3-5 times a day. Antidepressant effects also has St. John’s wort. Treatment tea from this plant is 4-6 weeks. 2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped dry grass pour a glass of cold water, cover, heat on a water bath to boil, boil for 3 minutes, set aside to infuse 30 minutes, filter and drink half a Cup 3-4 times a day. Oh, and finally, the recipe for the lazy: you need to take the pharmacy tincture of hawthorn berries and Valerian, mix in equal proportions. Take twenty drops diluted in half a glass of water before bedtime.

The 5th rule. You change your diet. Nerves become stronger, if you enrich your diet with b vitamins and nicotinic acid, which is especially necessary for the correct operation of the neurons. B vitamins help to relieve arousal, relieve fatigue and improve memory, concentration and attention, improve learning ability, prevent stress. The best source of this vitamin are legumes, especially soybeans. By the way, soy is also rich in lecithin, essential for proper functioning of nerves and heart. A lot of lecithin and germ of various grains. Very helpful nerves calcium, which promotes the transmission of impulses through the nervous system. Lack of calcium results in high anxiety and irritability. Calcium enters the body with milk, curd, cheese and yogurt, from plants it may be found in greens, celery, beets and almonds. Another useful for the nervous system the element iodine. It is abundant in berries, cauliflower, buckwheat, sea fish, seaweed.

6-e rule. Engage in physical activity. Daily exercise not only develop muscles, strengthen the ligaments, the skeletal system, but disciplinary and, therefore, help to become more balanced and calm. And, in addition, the work of muscles the body releases happiness hormones – endorphins. This natural cure for stress, which allocates brain, has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system. So forward March!

The 7th rule. Look at life philosophically. Learn to be reasonable and accept failure and mistakes as a natural part of life, do not go to extremes, do not despair. To have strong and healthy nerves, try to think positively. Negative emotions undermine the nervous system, weaken the internal forces and paralyze the will. Well positive, Vice versa. Remember: everything turns out for the best!

The 8th rule. Learn proper breathing. Correct breathing is the chest, as most of us are accustomed, and the stomach, or rather the diaphragm. Compared to thoracic breathing it provides a more complete saturation of blood oxygen, performs self-massage of the abdominal organs, improves intestinal peristalsis, has a calming effect on the nerves. To master it, you have to imagine that your belly is a balloon and try a few times slowly to inflate and blow off. Start training better than lying down – it is easier, and then you can move to the breath, sitting and standing. Over time, it will be easy to do even in the workplace.

9-e rule. Use water treatments. Nothing strengthens the nervous system, like swimming and cool off – in short, any contact with water, because it quenches, soothes, stimulates the nerve endings in the skin.

Cool showers are useful in the morning – it strengthens and tones the Central nervous system. In the evening, before going to sleep better soothing warm shower or bath. Good training for vessels, nerves, and entire body – a contrast shower.

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